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A brutal and violent breed of creatures, with the malevolent nature of a Goblin, and the strength of an Orc.

Racial Traits
Average Height: 5'6 to 6'4
Average Weight: 140-240 lb
Ability Scores: +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity or Constitution
Size: Medium
Speed: 6 squares
Vision: Low-light Vision
Languages: Common, Giant
Skill Bonuses: +2 Athletics, +2 Endurance
Goblin Skulk: You can move diagonally around corners or obstacles.
Goblin Heed: You can move through enemy squares, but provoke an opportunity attack for doing so. You cannot end your turn in an enemy's square.
Goblin's Horde: You gain a +1 bonus to opportunity attack rolls.
Orc Blood: You qualify as both a Half-orc or Goblin for the purpose of meeting prerequisites.
Orcish Vitality: You possess two additional healing surges.

Race Description[edit]

Goblin-Orcs are a hardy race, with both the sneaky nature of the Goblins combined with the brute strength of the Orc. While not as large as the Orc, they are much larger than most goblins, which can range from relatively small to large sizes. While similar to Hobgoblins, they differ in there Orcish ancestry and in their general speed. While certainly not small creatures, their inherent flexibility and surprising speed gives them the ability to maneuver around most obstacles without much difficulty. Goblin-Orcs are not known for being particularly intelligent, but they are also known for being much more clever and sneaky than comparative creatures, as they prefer subversion and subterfuge compared to raw brute force. Many Goblin-Orc's are bred for their size and strength, but capabilities similar to that of Goblin's. As a result of their nature and strength, they make great slave-warriors and, most Goblin-Orc's are breed for these purposes. While Goblin-Orc's are not inherently evil, they generally speaking find themselves working alongside these forces, just like ordinary Orcs. It is more a racial stereotype that Orc's are inherently evil, despite their unusually high presence in crime.

When left to their own devices, they generally speaking adopt the nature of the society around them. While their appearance is often somewhat different than Goblins or Orcs, it's generally not enough to make them outcasts in their society. They blend in to most societies well, in large part due to their Goblin nature, and they tend to be more calm and reserved than their orc counterpart. While not particularly intelligent, they are quite shrewd, and generally speaking make good diplomats and accountants. They have a tendency to obsess over little details, which can enhance or exaggerate the appearance of their Greed to some extent (such as meticulously counting their money). They are most commonly martial and primal classes, such as Barbarians, Wardens, Fighters, Rogues, and Rangers. The Goblin-orc is also particularly well suited to the fighter role, as they gain a bonus to opportunity attack rolls.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Goblin-orcs are relatively large, ranging between 5'6 and 6'4, and 140 and 240 pounds. They are roughly the size of Half-orcs on average, but generally have the appearance of large, over-sized goblins. The face of a goblin-orc is often described as "doggish".

Goblin-Orc Feats[edit]

Heroic Tier Racial Feats
Name Description
Goblin Weapon Proficiency You gain proficiency with Urukhai Pick-axe, the Scimitar, the Falchion, and the Glaive, and gain a +2 bonus to damage with them.
Heroic Tier Racial Feats
Name Description
Savage Mastery You gain proficiency with all axes, the Uruk-Hai Pickaxe, and a +1/2/3 scaling feat bonus to damage rolls with these weapons.
Tribal Mastery You gain proficiency with all spears, and a +1/2/3 scaling feat bonus to damage rolls when using them.
Unnatural Vitality You never have to sleep and when you make endurance rolls can roll twice and take the higher of either result.

Goblin-Orc Utility Powers[edit]


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