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Intermediate Deity
Symbol: A skull with a black pentagram engraved on the cranium
Home Plane: Carceri
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Portfolio: knowledge, insanity, darkness
Clergy Alignments: NE, LE, CE
Domains: Evil, Knowledge, Darkness, Insanity
Favored Weapon: dagger (often called a scalpel)
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Gnothos is a keeper of forbidden knowledge, some knowledge being so terrible that mortals would drive themselves to the brink of insanity just to attain, only to become even more psychopathic by knowing such things.


Gnothos represents cruel, indifferent and utterly analytical thinking taken to its utmost extreme. He teaches his followers not to be afraid of anything, to delve into the darkest corners of depraved being and experiment on living creatures with no given thought to how they feel about it.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

His clerics are always cold, uncaring individuals fascinated by doing things such as dissecting living beings just to find out how their biology works and they think nothing of torturing living creatures just to see how long it takes for their psyches to break (just to name a few of their experiments). Temples are always underground, for fear of being discovered by the local authorities. They are like prisons with many torture chambers and laboratories, along with libraries and the like.

(authors note: this page is simply an alternative to using The Xammux in the Book Of Vile Darkness, it is my own little version)

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