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Apaloosa are a race of gnolls dwelling in the Wild, running and riding across the vast planes that exist there. They live the life of nomads, following the great herds.


Apaloosa are a hardy and proud people. They put great stock in courage, tolerance of pain, and tests of endurance. They are aggressive, constantly seeking to prove themselves to their peers and their gods. They are curious about strangers, and usually welcome them into their camps. They dislike weakness and respect strength.

The Apaloosa culture tends towards bravado and display. Their punishments are trials of pain and brutality. They both respect authority, and are ready, willing, and able to fight it. Their passions run strong. They have little sense of right and wrong. They mostly have a sense of survival and power. The Apalusa have great respect for that which is powerful, or that which is dedicated.

During the war of Law and Chaos, the Apaloosa sided with Chaos, as their wild and free nature reacted strongly to the dominating will of Law.

Physical Description[edit]

Apaloosa are lighter of build than their larger cousins, sporting long manes down their heads, white fur, and small spots.


Apaloosa are curious about the races that visit them. They welcome all to their camps, as long as they are at peace. They do not welcome larger gnolls as they frequently war with their larger cousins.

The Apalusa have a great respect for the Loam. The first time that they met a Loam, they beat him, and the loam proceeded to invite them home for dinner and treated them as honored guests. Barely able to walk, he cooked for them and never once admitted pain or sought healing. The Apalusa found this a worthy show of manliness, and so came to respect these gentle people.


Apaloosa tend towards chaotic.


The apaloosa own no land. They follow the buffalo, as their fathers did. To them, no one owns the land and no one can own the land. They attack all who seek to claim "ownership" to land by fencing it off.


The apaloosa practice a traditional religion, filled with animal spirits, trials of manhood, and trials of pain.


  • Automatic Languages: Gnoll. Bonus Languages: Common, Draconic, Elven, Goblin, Orc.


Apaloosa choose action oriented names, such as Fighting Bear or Sitting Gryphon.

Racial Traits[edit]

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