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Glyph of the Weapon God: The Glyph of the Weapon God is a legendary glyph that appears on the back of the right or left hand of the one chosen by the Weapon God.
Weak, Strong when used Enchantment; CL 22; Weight: .1 lbs lb.

It enables the chosen one to wield any weapon in the fashion of the Weapon God. 3/day the chosen one may gain the feats "Weapon Proficiency (Weapon Touched", "Weapon Focus", "Greater Weapon Focus", "Weapon Specialization", and "Greater Weapon Specialization" with a weapon the chosen one touches as an immediate action. This affect last 24 hours. Creatures bearing the Glyph of the Weapon God have destiny thrust upon them, as the previous glyph bearers clearly were destined to face armies, warriors, and even gods, because of the glyph. It is possible to "remove" the glyph, in a sense. Digging into the hand that bares the glyph and touching it with mortal hands corrupts the glyph, causing it to vanish and find a new bearer somewhere in the world.

Not many bearers of the Glyph of the Weapon God are known, but those that are were great warriors and/or heroes.

The Glyph of the Weapon God has no alignment restrictions, and has been known in history to attach itself to an evil creature. Those beings go on to reign as tyrants and overlords. The glyph may attach itself to a being to ensure it's survival, as some seek to destroy it. It's said that the glyph may only be destroyed by removing the hand on the glyph bearer, and taking the glyph to the weapon god himself to destroy it.

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