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Languages evolve and adapt to fit their environment, and the Nuclear Wasteland is no exception. What follows is a list of slang and invented terms that have come into use by many Wastelanders.

Word Definition
Waster A survivor in the nuclear wastelands, often used to imply low education or intelligence
Wastes The Nuclear Wasteland. May also refer to particularly desolate areas
MApS Abbreviation for "Music Appreciation Society"
Rads Slang term for "Radiation Equivalent in Mammals"
REM Abbreviation of "Radiation Equivalent in Mammals", a system of measurement for radiation exposure
Slaver An individual who enslaves other individuals
NCR Abbreviation for "New California Republic"
Tribe A collection of individuals, cooperating towards a similar goal. This is any type of organized society, and includes both small and large groups
Raider Individuals who attack anyone, for no reason other that to cause misery. While they tend to work in groups, raiders are not classified as tribes
Pre-War Anything with its origins prior to the nuclear war. Pre-war technology is often incredibly valuable and rare
Cap Nuka-Cola bottle caps, the most common currency of the wasteland. These are used over paper money due to their rarity and difficulty to reproduce
MApS NeARa Abreviation for "Music Appreciation Society News and Radio", a radio station broadcasted throughout Society territory to disseminate news and music
Stimpack A device which injects a cocktail of chemicals to heal injuries. Incredibly rare, tribes capable of manufacturing them are often very wealthy
Chem Colloquial term for abusable stimulant drugs, such as Psycho or Jet. While most chems are illegal, others, such as Mentats, are highly prized
Treaty of Vancouver The governing document of the MApS, which outlines all core laws and beliefs
Treaty of Vancouver, Independent Faction A provision of the Treaty of Vancouver, which allows a government to maintain a certain amount of autonomy and trade incentives, in exchange for paying a relatively high taxes
TSC Abbreviation for "Terran Starship Command"
ASci Abbreviation for "Aperture Science"
SNC Abbreviation for "Society Navy Craft". The MApS equivalent to "USS" for the US Navy

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