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This is an incomplete event

Born long before the first cities rose from grassland and plane, struck by every weapon forged and pierced by none, the Nemean Lion is a titanic beast (size:huge) whose hide thwarts even the finest of weapons whether enchanted or forged merely of honed steel; whose saber fangs render useless any magic attack, and whose razor claws sunder even the strongest armor, and pass through flesh as easily as they do air.

Sighted now roaming the foothills near a nameless city long since fallen to the disrepair that comes with mortal's waning interest; whether hunter by trade or convenience, adventures flock now to claim as their own, a scrap of its immortal body.

Health remaining: 754,195,103/754,195,103 (Being a global event, multiple parties must cumulatively destroy it; no single party will be able to bring down the ancient terror.

AC: 105

Immunities: physical (swords, fists, ect.) All magic attacks can be successfully nullified by a saving throw. The Nemean lion then takes an attack of opportunity.


Str: 360 (+200) Con:452 (+340) Wis: 369 (+190) Cha: 100 (+78) Int: 82 (+54) Dex: 130 (+92)


  • Rending slash

+45 v AC, targets all adjacent creatures on hit knocks target(s) prone and deals 2d20 +13 slashing damage.

  • Saber jaw

+50 v Reflex, targets one creature in area, on hit causes continued damage equal to 1/2 the initial damage roll, on miss causes continued damage equal to 1/4 of the initial damage roll (both last until the end of the encounter). Deals 3d20+ 26 piercing damage.

  • Unexpected Dexterity

Immediate interrupt triggered by a failed attack made against the Nemean Lion. Effect: the Nemean Lion shifts one tile in any direction, prioritizing empty tiles. The Lion takes an attack of opportunity. If there are no empty tiles, the Lion uses Saber jaw against the nearest player, and moves to occupy their tile, shifting them backward one tile.

  • Regenerate

At will. Regain half the damage dealt by the most recent attack

Parties engaged in combat[edit]

  • Write here your party name, number and level (if you wish) of members, and damage dealt.

The Hunters Guild; 10 members average level of 20. 12,000 damage dealt

Reward Table[edit]

  • Note, damage tiers are the thresholds at which your party can leave the encounter, meaning that once you deal 100 damage, you can end the encounter, or press on. If you roll more damage than the minimum, or if you press on after meeting the minimum, gain both the rewards from your present tier and those from the lower tiers. (Meaning if you deal 100 damage, then press on to 1000 damage, roll for both loot tables). You can attack the Lion as many times as you wish until it is destroyed.

0-100 damage roll 1d20

1-5| You successfully retrieve one of the weapons embedded in its hide. Choose a weapon from the equipment section, and add an additional +4 to its attack modifier, and 1d6 additional damage.

6-10| You discover a flask lying among the ruin of the beast's lair. Select any potion from the equipment section.

11-19| You sift an ancient coin from the mounds of devoured foes and discarded equipment +1 platinum

20| One of its perilously sharp fangs has been shed over the ages, discovering it you now gain a resistance to magic damage equal to your constitution modifier. This is undone if the fang is every taken from your possession.

101-1000 damage roll 2d20

2-10| You find among the ruin, an empty flask which you fill with the beast's divine blood. Drink this, and all your health will be recovered.

11-15| Light dances merrily along the edge of a particularly keen sword shed among the mire; this greatsword is bestowed with perfect balance, and deals its normal damage + your strength modifier.

16-30| You discover an ancient spell tome amongst the ruin, all magic based attacks now deal twice their ordinary damage until the day ends.

31-40| An orb of polished amber calls to you from its tomb in debris. Deep within pulses an unholy light dire and ravenous. All magic attacks heal you by 1d100% (1=15 10=10%) of the damage it dealt, adding temporary hp as needed.

1001-10,000 damage Roll 3d20

1-10| A pouch of gold awaits you. Gain 1000gp.

11-20| You discover the Bolstering Staff

21-40| An ancient sphere of polished bronze calls to you, and lifting it you discover something quite mighty indeed. A bomb it is, enchanted to detonate on impact with great force that can sunder stone and render steel with no less trouble than wet paper. When thrown, the bomb targets all creatures in a burst 5, and deals 1d20+12 damage to all within its range.

41-59| An armoured plate lies discarded in the beast's lair; its leather straps perfectly close around your forearm, binding this piece to your current armor set. Gain +1d10 AC until the armor piece breaks (you take 30 damage).

60| You discover an enchanted bead that pulses warmly against your lined palm; its silver form shifting like mercury to perfectly conform against your flesh. All magic attacks deal twice their normal damage until the day ends.

10,001-100,000 damage Roll 4d20 1-20| Gain an additional action until the day ends.

21-35| You discover a carved slab of ivory weighing 10 pounds. This is worth 100 platium

36- 60| Scarlet and brimming with hate, an ornate dagger screams to you, its siren call permitting neither hesitation nor dissent; you touch its braided bronze hilt, and instantly its essence flows into your body. Flesh turns black and cold, ragged talons the colour of pale autumn skies burst from your fingertips, and the mortal part of your soul shrivels. All base attacks now deal twice their normal damage, and are counted as critical hits on any roll above 14.

61-79| Gain any three items from the above tiers.

80| Impossible. The Lion's mighty talon has been shed, and lies pale, cold, terrifyingly sharp upon the blood kissed stones. You stoop and with cautious fingers retrieve it. Binding this to your weapon's hilt spreads its razor edge across the weapon, granting it astounding cutting power. Through your foes this weapon will pass even if the flat of your blade is all that contacts flesh or steel. All blade based attacks deal critical hits on any roll above 13, and whether critical or not deals 3 times normal damage (18 on crit).

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