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Ranger Subclasss The Giantslayers are Rangers that specialize in taking down creatures far larger than themselves, such as Giants, Mammoths and Dragons. To this end, they wield weapons far larger than traditional hunters. Of course, because of this, they are limited in what races join their ranks than traditional classes. They are split into 2 main catagories of Balistaman and Busterman:

Giantslayer can only be taken as a subclass by characters with the "Powerful Build" trait



Balista and Helper[edit]

At level 3, you gain the ability to carry a Balista on your back. This is a specially built Balista that runs the length of your back and protrudes in front of you. It can be easily folded away for compact and easy transportation, this process takes 5 minutes to pack and unpack. Whilst the Balista is unpacked, your movement speed is reduced by 5ft. You are considered proficient with the Balista. Firing the Balista takes 1 round to load, 1 round to aim and 1 round to fire, Range 120/480 and deals 3D10 Piercing damage with regular bolts. You cannot move on the same turn as you load, aim or fire the Balista. If you take damage whilst aiming, you must make a concentration check or be forced to aim again if you wish to fire. If you were forced to move as part of the attack, make the concentration check at disadvantage.

Naturally, loading your Balista and operating it can be difficult. To this end, Giantslayers often employ helpers. Choose from the following list, or another small creature of the DM's discression: Awakened Shrub, Baboon, Gnome, Goblin, Halfling, Kobold, Magmin or Pseudodragon. Your helper may move and attack at your intiative, but they can also, if standing next to, or in the same space as you, help you, by using their action to load your catapult whilst you aim it. If the helper is slain, you may spend 1 hour and 10 gold to revive it, even if you do not have its body.

Improved Ammo and Aiming[edit]

At Level 7 you have mastered the ability to craft new ammunition for your Balista to improve its veratility. Each of these takes 1 hour and 5 gold's worth of wood to create:

20 rounds of Balista Bolts

10 rounds of Scatter-Bolts (make 4 attacks, these do not have to target the same enemy, each bolt does 1D10 Piercing (3D10 Bludgeoning) damage, if multiple attacks hit the same enemy, only add DEX to the damage of the first hit.)

10 rounds of Silver-Bolts (Also, must spend 20 Silver pieces, are Silvered and deal 3D10 Piercing (8D10 Bludgeoning) damage.)

10 rounds of Piercing Bolts (Each creature in a straight, 100ft line, must succeed on a DEX saving throw (DC=8+DEX+Proficiency) The bolt deals 2D10 Piercing (5D10 Bludeoning) damage to each creature that failed the saving throw.)

10 rounds of Shrapnel Bolt (Choose a square more than 30ft from your position, all creatures within 10ft of that square must succeed on a CON Save (DC=8+DEX+Proficiency), each creature hit takes 5D4 Piercing (5D8 Piercing) damage), or half on a successful save, do not add DEX to the damage of this attack.)

You can now choose to fire your Balista unaimed. If so, then you have disadvantage to the attack made. You may also choose to aim an extra turn after taking aim. If you do, then, if not interrupted, the attack next round has advantage.

Magical Ammo[edit]

At Level 11 all attacks made using the Balista are considered Magical and you gain the ability to imbue spells into your bolts. You may use your bonus action to imbue a spell into a Bolt. When you do, your bolt, when fired, inflicts the abilities of the spell upon a successful hit with any spell that requires a saving throw having been considered to have failed.


At Level 15 you may upgrade your Balista into a Cannon, all feats, class features and traits you possess that apply to either a Bow or Balista also apply to the Cannon. Ranged 600/2400 8D10 Bludgeoning damage. You can also create special cannonballs for it that have the same stats as the special Balista Bolts, with the exception that they have the second attack profile and cost 30 GP of Iron. You can only make Cannonballs if you have access to a Forge.


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