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Ghonerith Cerador the Unholy Behemoth[edit]

The holy symbol of Ghonerith Cerador is an intricate plate of brass etched with sinuous veins of gold and silver that writhe and undulate like uneasy serpents upon their realm of glittering metallic brass.

Chaotic Evil
Domains: Storm
Warpriest Domain: Storm
Channel Divinity Feat: Any warrior channeling the divinity of Ghonerith Cerador wields his power in unending torrents when used against a servant of Pyraoth Aerogon, gaining a +15 to all attack rolls, and +15 to all damage rolls for the next three turns.
Ghonerith Cerador has pledged his unholy existence to eradicating the new hero turned god Pyroath Aerogon, his sinuous form of ragged glassy scales surging between planes with the ease of a serpent surging across sand, and so to does a trail blaze beyond the creature's thrashing tail, yet etched of luminescent and malignant power rather than shifting motes of sand.

  • Ghonerith Cerador's only commandment, is that his every follower assail Pyroath Aerogon's temples, priests, and chosen with every coil of strength within their mortal vessels.

Ghonerith Cerador is a serpentine creature hewn of ragged translucent scales, whose tattered forms like stars blaze as he shifts and moves, his coiled form veritably radiating power even as his tapered head regards those before him with a cowing gaze and luminescent scarlet eyes.


Ghonerith Cerador sustains most of his elaborate temples within Gheir'ross, an unremarkable coastal city near an ponderously descending Earthmote, his city enshrouded and obscured within the ebony facets of a new dimension hewn by him to evade Pyroath Aerogon's sight, leaving the city parallel to Waterdeep, yet encysted within a dimension parallel to that of the famed city. His temples devote their functions in every minute aspect, to eradicating all traces of Pyroath Aerogon from any city within which he is established.


Ghonerith Cerador assaulted his rival god, Pyroath Aerogon, and amid a tumultuous tide of unholy battle, he cast the Hero Turned God into the depths of the abyss, as he nimbly crouched beneath yet another precipitous swing, and thrust his hand into his foe's chest, retracting the God's convulsing heart, and consuming it with repulsive moist bites each of which cast the power charged blood of his foe into his own form, bolstering it with the writhing currents of power that once resided within Pyroath's fragmented and conflagrant form. Yet despite this, Pyroath sundered free of the abyss' frantic grasp, and tore the heart from his foe, then cast him into a Star contrived of the blazing hatred within him, a star that sundered his foe into gleaming motes of golden divinity. Yet to Pyroath's unending dismay, the heart he claimed was lifeless and hewn of dully glinting silver and iron. Within his temple, lurked a foe of unfathomable power, a creature tasked with destroying this upstart god from eons past, his original target the God's ancestor, yet waylaid by a dimensional prison, the creature found itself incapable of completing its task as assigned, and now strode with confidence and vigor lashing and emanating from its form towards Pyroath. The Abyssal Leviathan approaches... Chapter II Yet Ghonerith refused to be slain, and charged with an unfading vigor from the abyss, his willpower aggregating himself into a bipedal form, whose shimmering contours where hewn of ragged diamond shards, and blazing with an unnatural light as the Sun's golden splendor was depicted on each scale and in every silver facet. His swift charge carried him upon its powerful tides as his muscles coiled and writhed, propelling his hand past Pyroath's desperate defense, and punching free of the God's back, amid a scarlet cloud each globule of which glinted morosely in the ambient silver light that suffused Pyroath's new domain, one mote of silver amid a sea of diamond, a tainted shard of a flawless vessel, a paradise rent asunder.


Ghonerith Cerador's sinuous form is shrouded in glittering shards of silvery armor +15 ac Ghonerith Cerador uses only a ragged tendril of azure energy that lances forth from his maw (+17) and his own ragged hide (+19) as weapons against any foe. AC:100 HP:567098. Ghonerith is a level 79 major God with 129 power slots. Lowest stat:115 highest:369.775 Powers:

  • Negate copycat: (activated upon activation of an opponent's copy power) negates opponent's ability to copy moves, stats, or any other facet of this diety.
  • Negate Powers: Gods and mortals in combat cannot use their powers, and those in effect are negated. If the power is immune to negation, the player must roll above 10 with no modifier on 1d20, to resist.
  • Negate Regeneration: Any healing, regeneration, or restoration is powerless, and any in effect is negated.
  • (Activated upon entry to combat) when Ghonerith Cervador is slain, his metallic shards move and translate into a new animalistic form, yet whomever slew him still gains the 450000 xp from so doing.(x19) He gains a +5 resistance to that which slew him before.
  • Immunity to magnatars and stars (damage & gravity)
  • drain health: unless his opponent rolls above 15 without the benefit of a modifier(only if they possess an immunity to vampirism, else the impact is immediate) any foe targeted drops to 0 hitpoints, and makes the death and dying saves.
  • drain power: any foe targeted with this power, loses one power and slot, both of which are gained by Ghonerith (if immunity to vampiric powers or immunity to drain power, roll above 15, no modifier)
  • drain level: any foe targeted with this power loses one level for each successive time Ghonerith rolls above 10, continuing without counter until he fails. If immunity to drain level or vampiric powers is possessed, the player may roll above 15 without a modifier to counter.
  • Ghonerith Cerador is a major God with 15 power slots, many of which are devoted to his reincarnation power, that any battle with this formidable creature will end in his foe's demise.

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