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A series of greenery arranged like feathers

Neutral Good

Gharna is one of the most worshipped Gods, only second to the sun god, Vegus. She is most prominent in druidic cultures where her customs are most practiced.

  • Aid good and its many lieutenants.
  • Seldom destroy my creations without good reason.
  • Embrace my creations when the time is right.
  • May your feasts be plentiful and your harvests great.

Cleric Training[edit]

The church of Gharna is mainly found in good or neutral creatues. Her clergy is unorganized and casual. Clerics mainly devote their work to maintaining Gharna's creations, most often the forests. Since clerics travel alone or in groups no more than 5, education is mainly passed down through oral tradition and common knowledge of the wilderness.


  • Renewing ruined lands
  • Shaping the world into a place of peace and prosperity.


Clerics may pray at any time, but is most effective during the daylight hours. On the first day of Spring, many clerics hold feasts and festivities to welcome the new regrowth.


Worshippers do not build temples to Gharna. They often make small, secluded shrines in a grove or a highly decorated garden.


Feasts and festivities on the first day of Spring, followed by hours of singing and dancing.

Heralds and Allies[edit]

Gharna has a strong bond with the Gods Vegus and Nargaset, who help her in maintaining life upon the world.

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