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Mobius (World)[edit]

The world of Mobius is incredibly cast, with just as many places to see as there is variety in it's inhabitants. While quite technologically advanced, the Mobians still keep nature alive and well for the most part. Living along side humans and others, the Mobians have built a well established society.

Angel Island[edit]

Angel Island is a massive island, that floats thousands of miles above the surface of the ocean. Deep within this floating island is an ancient shrine which houses a powerful, enormous gem known as, The Master Emerald. It is through the power of this Emerald that the island is able to stay afloat. Without it, Angel Island will fall, and plummet into the ocean. It is said that long ago, an ancient tribe stormed the island to raid the emeralds. The tribe was then said to be wiped out by an angry god.

It's locations are:

Angel Island Zone[edit]

Angel Island Zone is a thick, tropical jungle with palm trees and plenty of healthy foliage as far as the eye can see. The thick jungle has a peaceful blue lake resting along the bottom half of the first Act, complete with a large waterfall with log platforms slowly cascading down. If one takes a higher route, they can go beyond the canopy and catch a glimpse of the sea on the horizon surrounding the island (Or the sky if something hasn't knocked Angel Island out of the sky.) The jungle even sports vines that the players can swing on, along with zipwires to catch a ride on, and a large, hollow tree trunk that the players can run up if they are going fast enough.

Hyrdocity Zone[edit]

This Zone is completely underground, and contains the most water of any Zone on Angel Island itself. There are plenty of underwater routes to take so long as the players keep their air supply topped up with air bubbles or finds a Water Shield, though there are routes above water. Throughout the Zone are spinning wheels with a hand to hold the player in place that allow high-speed travel throughout the Zone. This Zone also features the first instance of characters being able to run on water. There also seems to be blue slides to roll up and down on that make this Zone one of the more faster-paced aquatic areas on Mobius as a whole. Another notable thing is that the water level can be controlled by the players by pulling down certain hooks hanging from the ceiling. By adjusting the water level, the player is able to use other features such as boats to cross the water. In underwater areas, there are buttons that will release giant air bubbles that the player can ride in. Fans can push the bubbles around, which is necessary for getting through certain spots.

Marble Garden Zone[edit]

Marble Garden Zone is an ancient ruin filled with plant life and an artistic look like one would see in a painting. Purple mountains and old temples choked with overgrowing foliage can be seen in the background from atop the Zone's many steep hills, which are filled with traps such as spiked pillars that can crush the players, swinging chains with giant spiked balls, and mud pools that can sink players into them like quicksand. There are also a variety of mechanisms dotted throughout the ancient city, some of which can be activated by performing a Spin Dash on wheel switches, or by taking out the Strange Reliefs that shoot arrows from their mouths. There are also spinning Tops which help to get around the vertically-orientated level, and downward pillars connected to downward loops where the players can access an alternate route if they jump from them with good timing.

Carnival Night Zone[edit]

Carnival Night Zone lives up to its nameā€”it's a theme park! Classic carnival-themed gimmicks include the cannon, which will launch the players in the direction of their choice, and balloons that can be used to give the players an extra bounce. Of course, the more stranger contraptions include anti-gravity pads, magnetic propulsion tubes and elevator shafts, platforms that sink when stood on and rise when jumped off of, long striped poles to run down on, spinning cylinders to grab on to, black wheels to get dizzy on, and the unforgettable rotating barrels; note that not all barrels move very far.

Flying Battery Zone[edit]

Set on board Dr. Eggman's flying airship, Flying Battery Zone sees the players running through trap-filled indoor sections as well as exploring the ship's deck and underside. The interiors of the ship are filled with sorts of contraptions, such as electromagnets that attract anything metallic, be it Badniks, platforms or spiked balls, huge mesh cylinders, screw doors that are operated by pressing buttons, and flame jets that can be used as Springs by standing on them. The floors are also littered with Speed Boosters, and mines that explode when passed over.

The deck of the ship features propeller poles that the players can swing from, provided they do not touch the blades themselves, and missiles that are fired from hatches in the walls or floors. In some locations, the players may have to wait for the missiles fired from the floor to break a hole in the floor in order to continue. The ship's underside often sees the players jump across propeller platforms and climb monkey bars to avoid falling into the giant bottomless pits beneath the ship.

If they travel to the underside of the ship, they will find electrical conduits from Wacky Workbench wired all over the place. This time around, they can destroy the mine-like connectors to stop electricity from flowing through them, and destroying the Madmoles controlling them will stop them for good.

Ice Cap Zone[edit]

Set in the central mountains of Angel Island, IceCap Zone is a very, very cold environment that opens with a snowy mountain area. There is a massive frozen cavern that can be accessed from multiple entry points throughout the mountain. The mountain itself is also a very popular snowboarding spot.

Launch Base Zone[edit]

Unlike most of Dr. Eggman's bases, this one isn't a completely robotic fortress of machines; instead, it is basically a very large construction site. The kind of gimmicks the players will come across include huge cylinders that the player will revolve around and a variety of elevators, such as spinning yellow cups that travel up or down thin metal corkscrews (though some will spin out of control and fling the player into walls), and rapidly-spinning elevators inside glass tubes that will transport the player to other parts of the base. Security alarms are placed around the base, and will summon Flybot767 Badniks to attack the players if they pass through one. Outdoor sections are very fast-paced, as they are filled with long slopes to roll down, as well as Speed Boosters and tube-loops that will instantly propel the player into high speeds. Hooks attached to rails will carry the player at high speeds, and some walls require the player to Spin Jump into switch boxes to toggle them. It also is composed of a complex network of water pipes that the player will run along at high speeds throughout other parts of the base. Some of the water pipes can also be entered into by Spin Dashing into the barricades that connect the pipes together, then entering the flushing water. Following lower routes will take the player into the lake water, which generally has no means of replenishing air but are otherwise not very long.

Mushroom Valley Zone/Mushroom Hill Zone[edit]

Set within a sprawling forest under a thick canopy, Mushroom Valley Zone/Mushroom Hill Zone is known for the many mushroom types that the player find. There are some that they can bounce off of, a seesaw-type mushroom that can be used to jump to a higher elevation, ones that act as falling platforms, and parachute-type mushrooms the player holds onto to float into the air. There are also vines that extend into bridges when crossed, and some that stick the player to the ground until they Spin Dash their way out of it. There are hand-operated lifts with a pair of handles on them, and the player can crank down the handles to move the lifts up by pulling down with rhythmic timing. When multiple player characters are together, they can grab a handle each and pull down on the handles simultaneously to make the lift rise faster.

Sandopolis Zone[edit]

Sandopolis Zone is a fairly long desert, taking on a more platform-based, puzzle-oriented style than most areas before it. The Zone is entered by all characters falling from the sky into the sand at the beginning, requiring the player to jump out of the sand. Puzzle navigation is crucial here, as the player has to move stone blocks out of their path and onto small wheels to ride on, jumping up and riding along "sandfalls", and grabbing on to hanging rope handles to abseil down long ravines to progress. The Zone is also filled with catapults that launch the player diagonally, as well as networks of diagonal sand slides. Sinking into the quicksand pits throughout the Zone will either lead to lower routes or to death, but they can be escaped by repeatedly jumping.

There is a giant pyramid here that is full of traps and ghosts called Hyudoros which seek to hinder the players progress through the massive pyramid but these ghosts are made harmless by the light so for Chaos' sake keep the torches lit.

Lava Reef Zone[edit]

Lava Reef Zone is an underground labyrinth of rocks, crystals, magma and general chaos. Lava and fire traps are everywhere throughout the Zone, making it very important that the player obtains a Fire Shield to keep themself safe. The players will have to locate buttons to open doorways and Spin Dash through breakable walls to proceed. It is a magma-filled mine-type area with the addition of loops, slopes and extra details to suggest a hazardous mining environment such as metal fences and "keep out" signs. By climbing to the top of the area, the player can now see that the cavern now has an open sky, revealing volcanoes and mountains. There is also a section where one of the upgraded Tunnelbots causes an earthquake that makes the magma slowly rise, forcing the player to climb up to higher ground or risk being burned by the lava. The latter half of the underground labyrinth is a crystal wonderland with switchable conveyor belts, flamethrowers, moving blocks, high-speed transport tubes, and smaller spike balls that swing around posts and platforms in unison or thrown into the air by small launchers on the floor. Long, rotating drums found throughout the crystal wonderland are lined with spikes as well as handles for the player to grab hold of; by letting go when swinging upwards, the players will be catapulted upwards to high places.

Hidden Palace Zone[edit]

Hidden Palace Zone houses the underground shrine where Knuckles hides and protects the Master Emerald. It's got all kinds of tricks like green bridges which glow when players walk on them, water pipes which blast the player through tubes, rocket-powered ziplines which thrust them up slanted shafts, curved water slides, purple water, Tubes to spin through, and fake Master Emeralds are breakable objects concealing springboards besides obviously being decoys to fool would be thieves into taking giant emeralds instead of the actual Master Emerald.

Sky Sanctuary Zone[edit]

Sky Sanctuary Zone is a collection of floating ruins suspended in the sky above Angel Island, and is a sacred ground which is forbidden to all but Knuckles. The Zone itself has a very complex design that goes upwards and contains several Eggrobos, big spinning platforms, crumbling bridges and pillars, Warp Points, shadowy indoor sections, temples, indigo Missile launching Eggrobos, antigravity tops that slowly crumble over time, and clouds on which the player can bounce off. Just watch where you step or it's gonna be a very long plummet. templesz

Eggman Land[edit]

Eggman Land is the grand Capital of the Eggman empire. Built to look like an amusement park in some ways, it was designed to be the ultimate technological city. Great lengths were went to by Dr. Ivo Robotnik, otherwise known as Dr. Eggman, to build this city. It is almost constantly overrun with robots, all programmed to eliminate threats to the empire, and to obey their creator.

Mystic Ruins[edit]

Mystic Ruins is on the base of a large mountain. It is known for having a large amounts of winding caverns, as well the remains of an ancient, long since wiped out civilization that we still know very little about. Archaeologists come to these ruins to excavate quite often. Also people have been known to find very interesting treasures there.

Windy Valley[edit]

Windy Valley is a large area that is known for having very strong winds. Some very daring folks have on occasion allowed the wind to carry them across different parts of the valley. There are however many sightings of tornados forming in the valley, so caution is strongly advised.

Red Mountain[edit]

Red mountain is an active volcano. There is a blazing hot cave within it should one be daring to enter. A good amount of ziplines were built on the mountain to get one to and from different peaks. There also seems to be a prison in the volcano's cavern.

Prison Island[edit]

Prison Island is a large island with plenty of jungles. While it has several prisons as the name implies, it also serves as a military research facility for G.U.N. The prisons on this island have the highest security known to the entire world, making it next to impossible to escape. There is also a part of it that serves as a toxic waste dump.

Space Colony ARK[edit]

The Space Colony ARK was the first space colony built by mankind. When it was first built and launched into space, it was one of, if not the most advanced research facility in existence. This facility was home to many projects, such as a cure for a rare disease, and even the creation of the ultimate lifeform. The ARK however was shut down. While the truth of why is quite grim, a cover up was made stating that there was a terrible accident, which forced the ARK to shut down. The only thing remaining in the ARK nowadays are the guard robots.

Within the ARK, there is a central control room that very few people ever knew about. In this control room, weapons of mass destruction were being made regularly. One of these weapons is supposed to be powerful enough to destroy an entire planet with a single blast. This weapon was codenamed: The Eclipse Cannon. The Eclipse Cannon was built into the outer structure of the ARK itself, designed to be hidden and only reveal itself when in use. Even at a mere fraction of it's power, the Eclipse Cannon holds enough power to destroy large cities. The cannon however cannot be used in rapid succession. After a single blast, it require a fairly long recharge rate.

Station Square[edit]

Station square is a large metropolis, with tall buildings and sites to see. The people living here are the definition of an average society. Having shops, theatres, an amusement park, a luxurious hotel, and other such.

Emerald Coast[edit]

Emerald Coast is a large beach just on the edge of Station Square. There is a long string of small islands just off of the nearby coast as well as a tropical cavern. Many have even state that they have seen a large whale within the ocean, that every now and then comes to the beach.


Casinopolis is a large, high class Casino that is only open during the night. While they have many of the standard poker tables and slot machines, the main attractions, as well as the main money makers for the casino, are the large, oversized pinball machines. These pinball machines test skill as well as luck. With one pinball machine having an additional slot machine of it's own inside. Players need to navigate the ball into the machine to win payout. The other slot machine has you collecting randomly generated cards. Your goal is to gather a certain amount of cards to fill your hand, with your payout determined by which cards you managed to get.

Twinkle Park[edit]

Twinkle Park is a large amusement park, well known for the long trail for bumper cars to race on, a large castle that a roller coaster surrounds, and other such attractions. Every now and again, mostly during certain holidays and special events, the park gives a special deal where "Cute Couples" get in for free.

Chirstmas Island[edit]

Sadly researchers do not have enough information about the mysteries of Christmas Island other than it is considered to be the birth place of one "Sonic The Hedgehog" and that one day he left the island due to his love for adventure.

South Island[edit]

South Island is an Island located somewhere in the Pacific, however it cannot be located on any map due to the island's habit of drifting across the ocean. Though a map of it's many locales has been made.

It's MANY locations are:

Green Hill Zone[edit]

Green Hill Zone is a vast set of plains and hills that are untouched by man made machines and technology. It is full of nature, animals and trees, and has plenty of flowing water. It is known for being very quiet and peaceful and yet being wide open and having plenty of room to run around in.

Marble Zone[edit]

Marble Zone is a mountainous forest region of South Island populated with ancient ruins half-sunk into lava and filled with all kinds of traps like fireballs that leap out of the lava, platforms with spikes, crumbling platforms, and more.

Bridge Zone[edit]

Bridge Zone consists of a series of miniature islands connected by bridges high above a flowing river near a sprawling jungle.

Jungle Zone[edit]

Jungle Zone is a massive, thick, lush, and green rainforest filled with exotic plants and waterfalls pretty much entirely untouched by man.

Spring Yard Zone[edit]

Spring Yard Zone is set on the outskirts of a city in loosely casino-themed areas resembling a pinball machine, with many Springs, Bumpers, and secret areas hidden within walls. Many flashing lights and signs adorn the wide-open spaces of the Zone, including block letters that spell out words like "UP", "ON", "CPU" and "COPE" for reasons unknown.

Labyrinth Zone[edit]

Labyrinth Zone is a ruin-like maze, most of which is underwater. It features many spears that protrude from the walls and floors, chained spike balls, Fire-Breathing Statues, fast water slides, and water-driven contraptions. Some platforms will rise from the ground and into spikes. There are spots under water that contain air bubbles to breathe so you don't drown down here.

Star Light Zone[edit]

Star Light Zone is a rather peaceful Zone set in an urban environment at night, under the stars, and contains many loops, Fans which prevent the player from moving, Crumbling platforms, as well as 'staircase' blocks that can be hit from below, causing them to wobble and fall into a new position, and to top it off: An alarmingly high amount of bottomless pits.

Scrap Brain Zone[edit]

Scrap Brain Zone is a trap-filled industrial level with much dangerous machinery such as trap floors, flame vents, electrical conductors, Conveyor Belts, Giant Saw blades, teleporters, crushing blocks, and disappearing and rotating platforms.

Sky Base Zone[edit]

Sky Base Zone contains both the exposed gantries and electric fields of the airship anchorage above Scrap Brain and a large, weaponized zeppelin made by Eggman.

Yellow Desert Zone[edit]

True to its name, Yellow Desert takes place outside in the dry desert with Egyptian-style caverns on the lower routes.

Red Volcano Zone[edit]

Red Volcano is an even hotter place set in an active volcano with many crags and volcanoes visible from the top. Following common trends of areas set in a volcano are streams of lava that flow from the walls and cover the rocky paths, making traversal tricky and steam that burns.

Blue Marine Zone[edit]

Blue Marine is a typical Ancient Ruins-themed area that is flooded with water, with very few places of dry land to catch a breather at. The Zone as a whole is a giant maze with complex networks of suction tubes that transport players to different parts of the aquatic labyrinth. There are also water currents, which the player generally has to avoid as most currents will wash them back to earlier sections. Some areas have buttons that control the water level, as well as bridges that collapse when crossed.

Silver Castle Zone[edit]

Silver Castle is another one of the many mechanical fortresses constructed by Dr. Eggman, with the exterior resembling the Death Egg. Eggman has placed many devices and hazards around Silver Castle, such as numerous teleporters that lead to different areas around the fortress. Some of the teleporters will be inactive, and must be powered on by standing on rotating platforms to charge up power. At specific parts of the Zone are advancing spike walls that the player must run away from to avoid getting crushed. Other hazards include electrical fields that will zap the player, and sticky yellow floors that slow the player down.

Underground Zone[edit]

Underground Zone takes place in a magma-filled rocky mine, where players will ride minecarts to dodge spikes and lava traps. At the top of the Zone, the players can get a view of the craggy mountains that make up the background, and by using the Spin Attack, the players can break through certain walls to access hidden routes.

Sky High Zone[edit]

Sky High Zone is high up in the clouds with the main way to travel around is by hang gliders.

Aqua Lake Zone[edit]

Aqua Lake Zone are a series of ancient flooded ruins that sport an abundance of operational fountains and water features, while beneath the lake's surface, crumbling ruins provide the players with a dangerous obstacle course. The air bubbles in Aqua Lake Zone are much larger than those in other zones meaning players can actually jump inside some of the bubbles and ride them all the way up to the surface.

Green Hills Zone[edit]

It's kinda like green Hill zone but different enough. It's notable that some of the zone being mechanized for Mecha Green Hill Zone.

Gimmick Mountain Zone[edit]

Gimmick Mountain Zone is a hollowed-out mountain full of machinery full of things such as flywheels to catapult players high into the air and conveyor belts to carry them along, as well as spikes. Count on everything in this strange, monochromatic level to explode. The minecarts from Under Ground Zone also return for the player to ride in.

Scrambled Egg Zone[edit]

Much like Gimmick Mt. Zone, Scrambled Egg appears to be another cavernous Zone for would-be-heroes to venture through, built as a secret base by Dr. Eggman with many small lights blinking in the darkness. Its primary danger comes in the form of the dozens of assorted transport tubes in the stage, which are maze-like in execution. Most of them will lead to either earlier parts of the Zone, dead ends, or into spike pits.

Crystal Egg Zone[edit]

Crystal Egg Zone is perhaps the least visually threatening of Dr. Eggman's final bases, as it features bright, vibrant colors and crystal-clear walls, some of them even bearing the scientist's face. The boss arena is a different story altogether, as his stage is almost entirely black and mechanical. Spikes are plentiful here.

Turquoise Hill Zone[edit]

Turquoise Hill is filled with grassy plains, palm trees, checkered soil, and loop-de-loops (as well as the corkscrews from Emerald Hill Zone). What distinguishes Turquoise Hill from its greener counterpart is the profusion of springs all over the place: on rocks, hidden underground... and even on the back of Badniks, which makes the Boing-o-Bot bug robots impossible to smash from above. A Spin Dash will do the trick, though.

Gigalopolis Zone[edit]

Gigalopolis Zone resembles a construction site, with orange, metal frameworks and seemingly incomplete block walls. The background displays various high-rise buildings and oftentimes the sea as well. This Zone also contains the 3/4 loops. A major gimmick introduced in this Zone are diagonally-inclined bridges. In order to cross these bridges, the players must be running at high speed, otherwise they will slip off and fall.

Sleeping Egg Zone[edit]

Sleeping Egg Zone is an unusual area; it is a floating island in the sky constructed by Dr. Eggman with many breakable blocks, and numerous foreground walls emblazoned with Eggman's image. There are industrial-strength Pogo Springs scattered throughout the area, which our heroes can use for bouncing up to otherwise inaccessible areas. The greatest danger in Sleeping Egg Zone comes not from the weird Tsuno-tsuno Badniks or other hazards, but rather falling off the screen in one of the many yawning, bottomless voids that litter the stage. It seems the best way to classify Sleeping Egg is as some sort of high-altitude construction site of Eggman's; as some of the area appears incomplete, with metal frameworks and half-finished block-like walls.

Mecha Green Hill Zone[edit]

Mecha Green Hill was once a verdant, peaceful idyll beach-ish area, now has steel palmtrees that deploy coconut bombs and Boing-o-Bot Badniks trundle across bleak fields of synthetic grass. The ground has been metallized, and the azure skies turned sickly, polluted green. The Zone also incorporates the 'tilting bridges' from Gigalopolis Zone that the player has to sprint across fast or risk falling off. At the bottom of the Zone are pools of oil that the player will sink into unless they jump out of it.

Aqua Planet Zone[edit]

Why it's called Aqua Planet is something of a mystery; but it's certainly aqua, with underwater sections aplenty. The Zone consists of crumbling, half-submerged ruins, from which ruby-tinted offshore oil rigs can be glimpsed in the background. Aqua Planet is a stormy Zone too, as the roiling clouds will attest. The water in this Zone is admittedly not very deep, but it holds tunnels blocked by doors. When players push these doors, they will be sucked in by the currents and carried over to the other side. The underwater sections are also filled with protruding spears and infrequent air bubbles. going fast enough when curled up in a ball will allow Players to skim across the surface like a stone.

Electric Egg Zone[edit]

Electric Egg is a sprawling techno-fortress. Automatic laser cannons, bottomless pits, and spikes aplenty await would-be-heroes as they close in on Eggman himself (in this fortress anyway). The Zone is criss-crossed by a network of winding vacuum tubes, unlike previous Eggman bases, this one seems a lot more computerized in theme, giving it a techno feel. There are large circuitry panels, and exposed wires. Some of the laser cannons will ride along a rail to chase down players and fire at them whenever they pass directly underneath them, while some of them are stationary and assigned to buttons, firing when their corresponding button has been stepped on. There are also slopes where players can slide down by riding small carts, though all of them will lead to a bottomless pit, necessitating the player to jump out to avoid death. Bridges are dangerous to cross as they will break when stepped on, so the players have to be quick on their toes.

Great Turquoise Zone[edit]

Very much in the style of Green Hill Zone as a tropical paradise, Great Turquoise is filled with grassy plains and palm trees. However, one of the key distinctions between Great Turquoise and similar opening Zones is that these palm trees are springy, and jumping on their bouncy canopies enables players to access otherwise unreachable areas. In addition, there are various breakable walls and underwater sections to explore.

Sunset Park Zone[edit]

Sunset Park is an abandoned and dilapidated amusement park. Ladybuggies patrol the rails in Spin Coasters, which our heroes can expropriate after destroying their robotic occupants and plow through walls and spikes with them. Vertical wind turbines siphon power from the ochre air's breezes, although the player must to be careful around them; while the towers won't damage the player themselves, they will knock players out of their Spin Attack, leaving them vulnerable to other hazards. They must also be careful when crossing certain bridges, as they are rigged to detonate whenever the heroes step on them.

Meta Junglira Zone[edit]

Meta Junglira is a sprawling, swampy rainforest. The bottom of the Zone is filled with viscous, muddy swamp water; the player should keep jumping when wading through it. Hidden items can be found by sinking into the swamp slightly. Strange woven baskets above the mud can launch players skywards into a thick canopy of wooden passageways. Glass spheres like those seen in Collision Chaos hang from the trees, frequently responsible for rebounding our heroes straight back down to where they came from like pinballs. Though there is also a mystery filled temple here dedicated to a massive snake deity.

Robotnik Winter Zone[edit]

Robotnik Winter is an icy Zone whose extreme conditions were caused by Dr. Eggman testing his final weapon in the area. Snow blankets the ground, to such an extent in fact that snowboarding on a Jet Board becomes an extremely quick way of blasting through the Zone. Snowdrifts occasionally conceal dark pits into the network of caves that course through the permafrosted ground. Breakable ice walls and powerful updrafts enable players to proceed back above ground.

Tidal Plant Zone[edit]

The waters of Tidal Plant are not cluttered with decaying ruins. This zone appears to be exactly what it says on the tin; a tidal power plant, presumably constructed by Dr. Eggman to fuel his electronic behemoth that is the upcoming Atomic Destroyer. Winding, submarine passages bristle with traps and electric eel Badniks. Pressing the large, pink buttons along the floor releases giant bubbles which players can ride inside.

Atomic Destroyer Zone[edit]

Atomic Destroyer is yet another one of Dr. Eggman's bases. And as we have come to expect from the Doctor, it's a technological nightmare of tinted chrome, killer lasers, and mad science. Maze-like networks of vaccuum tubes that whisk the playesr around the level, frequently depositing them right on top of the activation button for Badnik generators. And not just any Badniks; it's the annoying, tubular Mecha Hiyoko bird-bots. Some activation buttons will also set off laser turrets. The Atomic Destroyer Zone itself functions as some sort of immense superweapon. We never find out precisely whose atoms it's supposed to destroy - but perhaps this is for the best.

Labyrinth of the Sky[edit]

Labyrinth of the Sky is a sky-bound area with a checkerboard floor pattern. Common obstacles are slick floor panels, which speed up movement but also makes it difficult to control, pinball bumpers and flippers that bounce players around, and conveyor belts. These features reappear in subsequent levels too; perhaps the most annoying hazards unique to the Labyrinth of the Sky are the glue-spitting Peppepe Badniks, who make players squelch to a halt before slowly trundling into the poor sods to dislodge their keys.

Labyrinth of the Sea[edit]

Labyrinth of the Sea is an underwater area. This is apparent as starfish, seaweed, and rocks can be found on the floor outside of the walking area. The labyrinth uses cannons frequently to help the player move from platform to platform. There are also air bubbles which will blast the player's character into the air.

Labyrinth of the Factory[edit]

An industrial maze with a modern-looking city in the background, this area includes a profusion of gimmicks, including glowing floors that slow players almost to a halt - they can actually walk faster than they can roll on such surfaces. The player can stand on star platforms for a ride, but must dismount quickly upon landing or they're liable to disappear from right under their feet. Standing on flashing squares will warp players to other portions of the stage.

Labyrinth of the Castle[edit]

Set within Dr. Eggman's spooky fortress, this area is significantly less forgiving than the previous three, with bottomless pits frequently awaiting after any mis-aimed Spin Dash. Projectile-lobbing Badniks perch on inaccessible slabs of terrain, and flaming arrows fly hither and thither across the long corridors. Watch for pounding guillotines and falling stalactites from above, and keep an eye open for will-o'-the-wisps and crawling flame caterpillars that roam aimlessly around the floor. Conveyor belts flow and cascade like waterfalls. The only way to navigate the stage is to traverse a series of labyrinthine doorways that warp to different parts of the board.

Resort Island[edit]

Resort Island is a tropical island paradise with a nice blue sky, lots of greenery, a small forest, and a picturesque waterfall. At the start of the race, a large flock of Flickies will fly from the starting line to herald the start of the race. A loop-de-loop is featured right before the starting line, which can be walked around and ignored entirely. Another landmark the players can find is a small village of huts which can be found by turning left after passing the waterfall.

Radical City[edit]

Radical City is a large city with many streets and a highway as well as tall urban buildings, and a river that passes through the city. This river is crossed twice when following the main path, though characters with a Water Shield or an ability to hover over water can follow this river for a shortcut. The track eventually leads to a casino area with the giant pinball table being its highlight.

Regal Ruin[edit]

Regal Ruin is an arid desert race course surrounded by water, filled with sand-blasted ruins and ancient, secret passageways. Because of the many routes and shortcuts, the player can either become lost or finish the race very quickly.

Reactive Factory[edit]

Reactive Factory is a factory complex built on a small island in one of the lakes by Dr. Eggman. It is completely automated, and uses water as fuel to operate. Among the many engines is a machine that will dispense Rings to the racers at no cost.

West Side Island[edit]

It is an island that resides in the westernmost sea of Mobius given its name. Though no collectively agreed upon map exists for this island given some of the unexplored zones on this island.

Flicky Island[edit]

This mysterious island is home to the Flickies, A group of brightly colored birds that resides on the northern hemispheres. A map does exist for this island. It's locations are:

Green Grove Zone[edit]

A tropical area full of checkered soil and palm trees with some breakable walls as well as bridges and water falls with loops here and there.

Rusty Ruin Zone[edit]

An area full of ancient ruins that were once-submerged remnants of an ancient culture, dredged up from the sea bed by Eggman at some point. Though some reports say some parts are still underwater so tread carefully and don't drown.

Spring Stadium Zone[edit]

This bouncy area is a crazy funhouse of pinball cushions and bumpers, springs and not-so-friendly spike traps on top of very steep slopes.

Diamond Dust Zone[edit]

The frigid slopes of Flicky Island's mountain range that contain slippery ice, and snowmen that are either badniks or disguised bombs as well as other hazards that are built to freeze trespassers solid.

Volcano Valley Zone[edit]

An active volcano that has Molten lava pulsing through the zone like scorching blood, Semi-solidified magma, still glowing a dull crimson, coats the craggy bluffs on the interior of this volcano, with giant quartz crystals and petrified remnants of trees jutting crudely out the blistering rocks. Dr. Eggman's made the place even less hospitable by throwing in spiked orbs and robotic terrors to boot.

Gene Gadget Zone[edit]

Resting right outside the volcano is Eggman's genetic research laboratory but don't be fooled. It's an OSHA member's worst nightmare with electrified floors, large transport tubes and industrial fans that turn on conveniently as soon as someone steps on them.

Panic Puppet Zone[edit]

a fortified factory and the center of Eggman's base on Flicky Island that leads to the deepest pit of the base.

The Final Fight Zone[edit]

They appear to be the steel foundations beneath the Panic Puppet Zone. Down here is the Final Weapon.

Mt. Mobius[edit]

Mt. Mobius is a titanic volcano rising up out of the sea and being generally intimidating to nearby observers.

Never Lake[edit]

Never Lake is the beautiful, large lake where Little Planet usually appears over.

Cocoa Island[edit]

Located within Rocky Sea, Cocoa Island is an archipelago composed of Cocoa Island, Cavern Island, and Green Island. Cocoa Island is mountainous and woodsy with a river running down the middle, but underneath lies volcanic tunnels and lakebeds. Cavern Island a cavernous island riddled with a submarine labyrinth of caves and tunnels, and many of the underwater tunnels have strong riptides that will sweep players to different areas. Green Island is a jungle islet which is northwest of Cocoa Island. Secret passages are abound inside the giant treetrunks, and there are rocky caves and updrafts throughout, as well as densely packed underbrush that only an application of fire will remove. Just try not to burn Green Island down with napalm.

Lost Hex[edit]

The Lost Hex is a mysterious, unexplored floating continent in the sky. Not much is known about it.

The Land Of The Sky[edit]

It seems to be made up of sky-bound islands, making aircraft a necessity to move from place to place. All of the islands are connected to a glacier, which anchors them to the planet's surface below which has The Land Of Darkness, Ancient Relics, & Robotropolis.

The reigons that form "The Land Of The Sky" are:

Southern Island[edit]

The region that is ruled by the President of South Island. It is made up of many islands including the President's unnamed city and Sonic's unnamed island.

President's City[edit]

This large city is the location of the Presidential House. The city is built on a series of sky islands that are surrounded by clouds. There are some interconnecting bridges that connect the islands and some of these islands are developed and have skyscrapers and other modern structures on top of them.

Sonic's Island[edit]

Sonic's Island is the island where Sonic seems to call his own turf. Reports conflict if this is the supposed home of Sonic The Hedgehog or if it's just one of the places he tends to frequent.

Land of Darkness[edit]

This is the region that Robotnik lives in. This is the actual surface of Planet Freedom and probably earned its name due to the sunlight being blocked out by heavy cloud cover and the continents that make up the Land of the Sky. Despite being called the Land of Darkness, there is plenty of green plant-life, though the land is a bit rugged with ridges and mountains. There are two known entrances here: a whirlwind like portal surrounded by clouds and a warp zone.

Ancient Relics[edit]

A possibly abandoned major metropolitan city that is dilapidated with cracked and damaged roads and buildings, some with moss covering them (one in particular looking eerily similar to the Empire State Building, implying these may be the ruins of New York City). For some reason, there is electricity as the stoplights seem to function. It is located near Robotropolis. Due to the Robot Generator being out of control and causing reactions underground, part of the city is half submerged in the ocean.


This is the city where Eggman lives and reigns. Its power supply is handled by a Robot Generator. Robotropolis is an amazing sight to see at nights, as it glows due to all the street lights. The structure in the middle has a string of lights which form a caricature of Eggman's face.

Starfall Islands[edit]

The Starfall Islands are an archipelago of five islands. Each of the islands house a variety of set pieces across their biomes, which include dense forests, expansive grass fields, overflowing waterfalls, sizzling deserts, and ancient ruins from a past, yet highly advanced civilization.

These Islands are:

Kronos Island[edit]

Kronos Island is a verdant island filled with vast fields of grass and lush forests growing across mountainous terrain with large waterfalls. As with the other islands that make up the Starfall Islands, this island also features the ancient ruins of a past civilization, including towers that float in the air.

Ares Island[edit]

In contrast to Kronos Island, Ares Island is a sizzling desert known to house numerous desert structures including rocky ground, and stretches of sand dunes for players to run across. What little plant life exists on the island includes palm trees and patchy desert grass. As with the other islands that make up the Starfall Islands, this island also features the ancient ruins of a past civilisation.

Chaos Island[edit]

Unlike Kronos Island and Ares Island, this island is remarkable by its colorless aspect and a set of smaller floating islands, featuring a volcanic terrain, numerous rivers of lava and an everlasting cloudy sky. Much like Kronos Island, this one features sand dunes and a very small quantity of floral life as indicated by the sparse trees across the ashen plains of the island. Similarities to the previous island that make up this archipelago come in the form of ancient ruins of a mysterious past civilization known merely as the Ancients. As noted by Researchers, the island is high enough that it could be a risk even for Angel Island to crash onto it if it was higher.

Rhea Island[edit]

Rhea Island is very similar in appearance to the first island of the game, Kronos Island. It is an island covered in a grassy plain, with a lush environment and the remains of a long-lost civilization. Making it distinct from Kronos, however, are the six massive black towers that are scattered throughout. Players can climb these towers and reach the top and activate their terminals, which will give them information about the ancient race that colonized the Starfall Islands.

Ouranos Island[edit]

Ouranos Island is similar in appearance to both Kronos Island and Rhea Island. It is a grassy plain with several ancient ruins scattered across it, although it is notably missing the structures built by Dr. Eggman. While it is smaller than previous islands, it still contains many places for Players to explore, and in fact has the most Cyber Space Portals out of any of the islands. Landmarks of note are the gigantic pyramid structure in the middle, the bridge that connects to another, smaller island, and a large forest.

Northstar Islands[edit]

There seems to be a note here. It reads: "It's an island that has not been discovered yet! Please check back later when I have the details on this island. -'X'"

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