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Janochia Geography[edit]

This page discusses how the world of Janochia is built. The first section will describe how the star system, the Patmogh System. The second section will discuss the Janochia's terrain and climate. And lastly, the last section will discuss some of the culture's interactions with the terrain. For describing the world set-up, one needs to temporarily leave the realm of magic and enter the realm of science.

This page is going to be updated, and much of the information maybe changed.

The Patmogh System[edit]

The Patmogh System in which Janochia is placed has a bit more of a complex build. First off, this system is a P-Type Binary Star System. Its main star, Patmogh, is an F-class star with 1.2 solar masses; and it shines a yellow-white color. It greatly outshines its companion. Its companion is a brown dwarf star with only 0.1 solar masses; and it glows a magenta color. It was first discovered during the Season of Eternal Night. It has been referred to as the magenta star post-humorously.

Nydirekon is the system's largest gas giant. It is about 1.2 Jupiter masses. Originally, it orbited the two stars at 7 AU away. Due to a cosmic level spell, it was pulled out of its orbit and thrusted inward into the system. The cataclysm's effects occurred when Nydirekon was passing the orbit of Janochia. The populace was spared by divine intervention. Nydirekon's orbit had stabilized as it consumed the most inner planet taking its orbit at 1.138 AU. Because of how close the giant got, the planet puffed out a bit.

A year on Nydirekon is about 388.991 days.

Janochia is an earth-like planet that orbits the twin stars at about 1.587 AU away. It is about 1.5 Earth masses and 1.15 Earth radii. Although it isn't as dense as Earth, with a density of 5.349 g/cm^3; it has a greater force of gravity that is 1.134x that of Earth. Because of its distance away from the star, the daylight on this world is only 51.6% that of Earth. It has a major moon, but it gained a second one after the Great Cataclysm. But due to the eccentricity of its orbit, the second moon isn't seen all the time.

A year on Janochia is about 640.283 days. The first moon orbits it around 28.511 days, while it second moon orbits it around 146.904 days.

It was the arrival of the second moon that would contribute to the start of the Calendar War, which was a conflict based on how the people of Janochia are to track the days, months, and years. This was the earliest cultural divides among the population.

Janochia Topography[edit]

The planet is divided into three continents: Leishola, Otozak, and Sodenoor. Leishola is known as the Eastern Continent. Otozak is known as the Northern Continent. Sodenoor is known as the Southern Continent. These nicknamed are based on the location in which they are located on a world map. Each of the continents has for of the twelve nations on them. Otozak has Sarıgüneş, Shangchi, Pathironga, and Prytulok. Finally, Sodenoor has Tlaxcoco, Kaliwaka, Tsopanu, and Troigia.


Pronounced <leiʃolə> This is also known as the Eastern Continent. It has Valorix to the Northwest, Arkadan to the Northeast, Rāch Xāna to the Southwest, and Ditoŋabe to the Southeast.


This is a hot barren desert wasteland. Along the edge of this vast desert is a ring of mountains with thermal vents, which allow the region to be scorching hot at midday. It is one of, if not, the most hostile place for life to dwell; but it is not entirely lifeless. Within the Southern Mountains, there is a giant freshwater lake up in the mountains. It called the legendary Apsu Sea from their two rivers pour out of the lake and into Arkadan; these two rivers give the region what it needs for life. The river to the east is the River Sumer; the river to the west is the River Assur. These two rivers flow northward towards the Nammu delta where the water flows into the sea.

No one resides in the Nammu delta for two reasons. The first reason is that the water is brackish and too salty to drink. The second reason is that the Nammu delta is the only place in Arkadan that doesn't have the thermal vents and thus the water could freeze in the winter.

There are oasis dotted around the desert. However, these oases do not have enough water to sustain a permanent settlement. Thus there are tribes of nomads traveling across the desert with their herds.


This is a kingdom of the Savannah. It has the Apsu Sea within the mountains to the north and it is circled by ocean. Although it is more on the drier side, it is not isolated from water making the landscape somewhat fertile.

Many different types of animal life roam the vast grassland of this land. Elephants are among the most well-known animals in that region allowing ivory to be an excellent export for that nation. Gemstones are also a big export, especially diamonds. In addition, the Elemental Plane of Earth is also within the region.


This is a maritime area with rolling hills and scattered woodlands. It doesn't get very hot or very cold. But it is isolated for the rest of Leishola because of the Thoir Alps. These mountains are part of the mountain ring around Arkadan, but they also sweep south and head west to the sea. In the center is a mountain known as Tosach Point. It is considered sacred to the people of Valorix. Prior to the Great Cataclysm, the area of Valorix used to be extremely mountainous. But while Nydirekon passed by, many large meteorites struck down on the peaks; leveling the mountainside and flattening out the land, leaving only Tosach Point as the sole remaining mountain in the whole area.

Cotton is one of the main resources that the Valorix do have. In addition, they also produce grapes on the vine which causes a rivalry with Troigia.


Pronounced <otozɐq> This is also known as the Northern Continent. It has Shangchi to the Southwest, Pathironga to the East, and Prytulok to the Northeast.


This is an area of hilly fields; this area is abundant with wheat, grains, and constructive metals. Warm currents keep the coastline at a similar temperature. But the farther away from the coastline one is, the cooler and hillier it gets. The Sarıgüneş area comes to a stop at the foothills of the Dağlar <dalarʃ> Mountains. This is a massive mountain range that divides the Eastern half of the continent from the Western half. In the middle of the mountain range, there is the Yarımaahda falls. This splits into two rivers, one flowing eastward (Nehir River) and one flowing westward (Gengar River). The Nehir river marks the Southern border of Sarıgüneş, and the Northern border of Shangchi. The Gengar River flows through Pathironga. This water so far is the only known route to Pathironga by the river.

Another reason why this area is warm for its latitude is that within its borders lies the gateway to the Elemental Plane of Fire. Supplying it with the extra warmth it needs to have such an environment.


South of the Nehir river, lays the land of Shangchi. Containing areas of lush bamboo forests, wooded areas of sugi trees, and cherry blossom groves. Due to the situation on where it is located, it usually is the southern tropical parts of the country is starting point for monsoons. However, there is an offshore island east of Shangchi, which the natives call 'Kuraimori'.

Little is known about the inhabitants of this cool-temperatured island, but it is known that it contains the planar gate that leads to the Clockwork Plane of Mechanus, locally called 'Jīnshǔ dòngxué'.


Pronounced <sodɐnor> This is also known as the Southern Continent. It has Troigia to the Northeast, Tlaxcoco to the Northwest, Kaliwaka to the Southwest, and Tsopanu to the Southeast.


This kingdom resides within the Intimallku Mountains and the surrounding area. On the mountain foothills to the North contains jungle; by contrast to the east, the foothills have some oaks and woodlands scattered within that area. It contains the tallest mountains in the world, due to the gravitational pull that Nydirekon had on the location when it past through Janochia's orbit. However, the people were able to make a strong civilization within this area of great uneven terrain with tall steep cliffs, blowing winds, and illuminating sunlight. The area is super rich in gold and wool (from llamas and alpacas).

The tallest of the mountains is the five-mile tall, Wayra Mountain. This is located within the heart of the range. Among the things that is within Kaliwaka, it also contains the gateway to the Elemental Plane of Air. Their underdark is very hostile due to the volcanic activity within the mountains. Thus, they were isolated from the events of the Season of Eternal Night.


This nation is situated on a peninsula sticking out of the continent of Sodanoor and the area around the Gulf of Thálassa. This place is in a Mediterranean climate with hot summers. The winters in this land can get chilly but it doesn't get any snow. They are east of the jungles of the Tlaxcoco, but south of the Gulf of Thálassa is a great prairie with very few trees.

Due to the amount of sea water around Troigia, they are able to get plenty of fish and seafood. They can make more money off of the pearls in the oysters and the marble from their quarries. Orchards and vineyards dot the landscape making allowing olive oil, figs, walnuts, and grapes to make very fine wine. Although, they view the wine of the Valorix as inferior to their own.

Janochian Societies[edit]

Like it was mentioned on the main page, cultures in Janochia are not solid and fixed. Because Janochia covers an entire planet, there are many different variations on the races and how they would interact with each other and their surroundings. Each of the regions will be listed in alphabetical order, so the regions lifestyle would be easier to find.


Because the River Assur and River Sumer are the only constant supply of fresh water in the area, close to 80% of the population in Arkadan lives around the two rivers. If one tries to build a settlement outside of the reach of the rivers, the settlement is doomed to dry up and perish. In their eyes, they are bound to fate like they are bound to the river. However, as they saw when they build the aqueducts to extend their usable land, they will never know their fate unless they actively try to find out what it is.

The residents of this region are some of the friendliest people around, even among the fiercest warriors. Like mentioned before the area is very hostile to life. There is a hospitality that rose in the people that came from the need to come together to survive in such an area. In addition, it is nearly impossible to invade. During the Season of Eternal Night, much more of the drow army was wiped out by hyperthermia and dehydration than actual combat against the armies of Arkadan. The drow had lost 3/4 of their army by the time they got to actually face against the defending armies.

Society in Arkadan comprises of a collection of city-states, each of which is ruled by a powerful duke known as a hammurabi. Even though they are separate entities, usually one of them is considered having greater authority over the others. What keeps the power of the one on top in check is the fact that if the people don't like one hammurabi's treatment of the people of Arkadan, the power can easily be shifted over to another one.

However, there is one exception to this set-up and that is the city-state of Ba'albek.

Ba'albek is a city-state in the Arkadan region, but it is located in a break between the mountains and has a coastline. It is not along one of the two rivers. It is the most despised city in the world, let alone in Arkadan. It has the nickname 'the city of poison'. The reason is that the city revels in its own wickedness. It celebrates a culture of death, which is a culture that practices destruction of life; it uses sentient lives as a means to an end and not solely an end itself.

See Culture of Life for more information.


Due to the amount of luxury goods that the people of this nation, it is no surprise that this is the most prosperous of the nations. The people in poverty here would be the well-off in other lands by comparison. Upon discovering the Elemental Plane of Earth, they had begun trade routes with that plane providing additional wealth to the people of this land.

During the Season of Eternal night, they were the ones who encountered more mind-flayers than anyone else. And these people were able to discover how psionics work and utilize them in practice. Something they are extremely determined to keep a secret.


The people of Kaliwaka are an industrious people. From the variety of stone form the mountains to choose from, their structures are a feat they can be proud of. They are also masters of the cloth with the finest textiles on the continent. Even though they knew what writing, they persisted on not adopting it. Instead, they developed a kipu system that consists many of colored cords and knots strung together. They are master goldsmiths as well. They have so much gold, that they don't even use it for currency. In fact, Kaliwakan society can easily function without any money.

The ruler of the people of Kaliwaka was the Great Guagua. The legends say that he is the direct blood descendant of the sun god and thus is greatly revered. The ones who live outside this nation often think he is a God-King of these people, but this is a misconception. The priests of the sun god also share reverence as well. For their high priest, known as Willaq Umu, is second to the emperor. He is known to get visions from coca, the mystic plant of truth. Also, coca is considered sacred in which only the priests and the Willaq Umu can consume. It is only the family of the Great Guagua and the priests of the sun god whom are allowed to traverse to the peak of Wayra Mountain for it is a sacred place guarded by the gemstone dragons, who live in the five surrounding mountains. Usually, they would come to crown the next Great Guagua or lay to rest one who passed away.


Because of the abundance of metals underground, the economy of this nation relies on the forge. These guys have master metalsmiths when it comes to iron, tin, and other metals. (With the exception of gold, the best goldsmiths live in Kaliwaka.) This would technically be an above-ground dwarven paradise. Their craftsmenship allows some of the greatest charioteers in the world. However, the elves in the area have a mastercraft in this area as well. No one makes beer and ale better than the elves of Sarıgüneş.

During the Season of Eternal Night, Sarıgüneş was one of the two powers that had access to iron weaponry. While Shangchi is wanting to keep their iron weapons behind closed doors, Sarıgüneş was willing to sell their iron for a price. It was their orderly fashion in which they were able to hold the drow and abhorrant armies back. Thus, they want to be as orderly as humanly possible.

As punishment for the season, the government of Sarıgüneş had placed a sword ban on the drow in their Underdark. They had stripped their capacity to make another army but confiscating their metals preventing them from making weapons or war. In addition, they had placed rust monsters in their Underdark as well. But this later became a regrettable decision for it risked the complete devestation of the nation's economy and it ruined the very livelihood of the duergar who were caught in the middle of these shenanigans.


This is a strong-willed and disciplined people who have resided in these land for ages. They claim that their nation is just a continuation of an Pre-Cataclysm nation. In turn, they are proud of their great heritage; this is even to the point that they consider their nation as the "Great Eldest Brother" of the nations.

They are not just all talk either for there is little doubt about the military prowess of this nation for it has the largest land army in the world. Fortune had smiled upon this nation, for this one has the skills, supplies, and knowledge to become a superpower among the nations and dominate the world. But they choose not to for they are content with what they have. And especially since they have access to the black powder of death.

After the Season of Eternal Night, they had banished the drow from their cities. They had ousted the dark elves to other areas of the world. In turn, they had allowed the grimlocks to reside in the cities that the drow once dwelled in. And for their help during the war, the gloamings are able to enjoy luxury in the court.


The people here have several towns with one of them as a permanent capital. Unlike most nations, this nation is considered a republic with the Senate located at its capital known as 'Nativitas' for it was the birthplace of their first emperor. This nation has the nickname, 'Master of the Sea' due to its great navy. No ocean-faring pirates will be able to harm or harass the merchant ships wanting to dock in the nation's ports. The fisherman can do their work without fear of being attacked on the water. The emperor, himself, is seen as the protector of the Troigia and its people that is crowned by the priests.

If there is one more thing that can be said, it is that they are a faithful people. Religion and politics are often intertwined to the point where the republic has some theocratic traits. The emperor is viewed by the citizens as a representative of the Celestial Caesar. The visual arts and drama thrive in this nation with divine inspiration playing a key part.

During the Season of Eternal Night, the people viewed the magenta star as a sign of divine presence among them; even when everything seemed hopeless. When they were the victors in the war against the drow, the dark elves of the Underdark cowered in fear of what the Troigian army would do to them. But instead of disarming them, exiling them, or butchering them; to everyone's surprise, the Troigian emperor has shown their drow mercy. The dark elves were sincerely grateful for the mercy that was granted to them. There are now drow who have secretly returned to the light.


It is easy to notice the tribal warrior society that they are. But what is difficult to see is that they were something completely different at one point. The tribesman are given a knife when they are old enough and they hold onto that knife until they die. In addition, those same warriors are also known for the numerous tattoos that are put on their bodies. But what is difficult to see is that they were something completely different at one point.

Before the Season of Eternal Night, these people were simple and peaceful farmers. When the darkness fell upon Janochia, they were the first area attacked by the drow. The dark elves from the Underdark that they encountered were the most sadistic, petty, and cruel of all the drow. The people of Valorix were enslaved and treated like animals. But when the Season of Eternal Night came to an end, there was a slave uprising lead by Valarox. Because of the extreme brutality they had received, they had massacred every last dark elf man and woman in whole land. They had exiled the children in chains and razed the drow cities to the ground. When the smoke cleared, they had decided to form a loose confederacy of tribes. Each one having autonomy and its own king.

The end result from these actions. Descendants of those drow children will fear the warriors of the Valorix.

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