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Modern-day earth has been flooded with genetic manipulation after an near apocalyptic plague. This mostly normal d20 Modern game has a high political undercurrent and many underhanded dealings that the PCs may become aware of.

Time Line[edit]

Time Line
Year Events
2011 Great Britain, to the disgust and horror of many other nations becomes lead by an overall majority of the GPP. Great Britain begins funding illegal genetic experimentation in 3rd world nations.
2013 First successful genetic hybrid created in GB funded labs.
2014 Counter-Gene terrorist organization founded in America. Gains popular public support.
2019 Great Britain's illegal labs uncovered by the UN, dramatic news of unethical and unwilling experimentation on young children used by the GPP used to smother the even more worrying signs of their hybrids.
2020 Using data stolen from the UN Black Lotus Terrorist group begins work on genetically modified assassination techniques.
2021 GB elections canceled as the GPP looks like it may lose the election. GB thrown out of the EU. Great Britain uses its genetic hybrids openly for the first time to quell rioting.
2022 Project Gene Plus founded.
(2022) A Black Lotus genetically altered virus finds its way into a rat Moreau and reacts with its altered biochemistry.
2023 Gene-virus Pandemic declared by World Health Organization. Genetic hybrids found to be immune.
(2023) Gene+1 and Gene+2 created safely with accelerated growth/learning modifications. Work on the Gene+3 begins.
2024 WHO reports retro-viral Moreau transformations up 13000%. Pandemic alters whilst inside transform and now affects Moreaus.
2025 First successful Gene+3s produced.
(2025) Gene+4 research begins.
(2025) Gene+3 operatives develop cure for both strains of the plague. Fee charged to developed governments, dispensed free to the 3rd world.
2026 Threatened with legal action over the theft of large quantities of cure intended for the third world the American government is the last developed nation to pay.
(2026) GB rejoins EU with special privileges.
2027 Gene-plague brought under control.
(2027) Gene+4 decanted, declared physically dangerous and mentally unstable. Imprisoned under mental health legislation.
(2027) Gene-plague officially exterminated.
2028 Gene +4 escapes, destroys 60% of American, Chinese and European armed forces before being killed by Project Gene Plus.
(2028) Project Gene Plus becomes regulatory body for world genetic manipulations and genetic manipulation under the Luxembourg Treaty.
(2028) Gene +4 template stolen and fixed by Black Lotus.
2031 Modern day.


All Moreau and Gene Plus are in existence. Most Moreau and all Gene Plus have accelerated growth and learning modifications that causes them to reach physical and an approximate emotional maturity at approximately 6-9 months. If d20 Future is being used only the very early and very basic cybernetics and nanites are available. Weapons technology has advanced a little further but is still very similar to the modern day, although some weapons may no longer be as available.

One new aspect of technology is Retro-viral Moreau transformations. Using retro-viruses this 6-18 month processes transforms the recipient into a Moreau.



One time dictator party of the United Kingdom and now a terrorist organization, the Genetic Perfection Pool (previously Genetic Perfection Party) is a radical group whose aims and desires revolve around reaching the next phase of human evolution through genetic tampering. Most of its members have opted for retro-viral transformations. The GPP is influential in Europe and the third world and has many infiltrators in most genetic experimentation facilities. In the past it has considered transferring the Moreau factor in a variety of different retro-viruses to the world in general in order to fulfill their goals, but as yet a virus that is hardy and that allows targets to survive without the special hospital treatment has not been created.


A terrorist group that has over the course of the years been funded by the American government in an unofficial manner. The group believes that all genetic manipulation is inherently wrong. Some splinter groups have even gone as far as denouncing genetic technology such as the bacteria used to create insulin for diabetics. Very popular in America and the South American sub-continent it has lost the support of the American government over several mass Moreau killings. It was responsible for the destruction of an all Moreau settlement in Africa, killing 1257 people by poisoning their water supply with high concentration rat poison, and then setting off a stolen nuke.

Black Lotus

Originating in the Orient, Black Lotus can now be found wherever there is money to be made by killing. While on the outside they appear to be nothing but hired killers with a flair for Genetic manipulation, they are in fact working towards another goal. Like the GPP, they believe that Genetic manipulation holds the secrets to eternal life and infinite power, but unlike the GPP they do not desire to spread this worldwide. Instead they want it for themselves only and for the rest of civilization to slowly but surely become their property.

Gene Plus

Once an official part of the British Government and now an internationally funded body, Gene Plus is seeking to truly understand the possible uses for Genetic manipulation in all fields. Their polices are conservative but many of their members are not and some have even been accused of GPP membership (not unlikely given the fact that they were founded during the GPP era.)

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