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The Malmuks[edit]

The Malmuks are the ultimate expression of the Grand Caliph's rule in the cities of the Southern Caliphate. The Malmuks are technically slaves, owned by the Grand Caliph and placed as his eyes, ears, and enforcers in the cities of his dominion. No one would guess it based on their appearance though. They are Knights in the finest traditions of the Easterlings, and are treated as such by all. The only mark of their servitude, and in fact the only shackles they wear, are their tattoos and names. The Malmuks are all dedicated to Societies of their choosing when they enter service at 16. Each society has individualized tattoos and the new Malmuk will take the moniker of his society. If Basheer ibn-Faysal al-Hiyab joined the Dutiful (Wajib), he would henceforth and forever be Basheer al-Hiyab Abd al-Wajib: Basheer of Hiyab, Slave of the Dutiful. So slaves they may be, but any man would be unwise to suppose they are the same species as a common market slave. These societies help guard and police the many cities of the Caliphate and ride out in wings (150) or as an entire fist (300) to meet local threats that city-guards or army units are often ill-suited to match.

Area of Influence: The Realms of Grand Caliph Nurah al-Din, Caliph of the Southern Caliphate, Kwazarmia, Numadia, Sura, and the Emerald Caliphate

Base of Operations: Karnak

Leadership Style:

Patron Deity:

Symbol: The Tatoo symbols of the various Orders


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