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A single figure stands above a ragging battle of clashing steel. Shouting orders they ensure that everyone is fighting as efficiently as possible.

The General is a charismatic leader who typically isn't at the forefront of a battle but rather inspiring those around them and assessing the enemy.

General's Protection

As a General at 3rd level, your personal defence is of importance, gaining proficiency with the shield.

General's Assessment

Also at 3rd level, you gain an increased ability to survey the enemy learning their strengths and weaknesses. As an action you may expend one of your uses of Bardic Inspiration to make a perception check on a creature you can see, DC of 10. On a success you learn the damage Resistances, Vulnerabilities and Immunities of that creature.

Endless Insparation

At 6th level, your experience commanding those around you allows you to continue giving commands for longer. The number of times you can use Bardic Inspiration increases to you Charisma modifier + your proficiency bonus.

The General's Army

Starting at 14th level, you become adept at commanding large groups of people. You are able to expend one of your uses of bardic inspiration to give a d4 inspiration die to a number of people equal to you Charisma modifier.

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