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"These huge snakes lie deathly still when inactive they're scales slowly shifting colour, lulling you into a false sense of safety. Gemini is in fact two huge polychromatic snakes identical in appearance, seemingly made of the fabric from the very darkest of nightmares. They lie still until they come into contact with a sentient user at which point they instantly coil around them and begin to crush they're body as they sink into they're flesh."


Appearing first on the leader of the cult of Dendar, Gemini has since passed through many hands all using it for their own goals. However, every one of its past users has eventually fallen victim to its poison, doomed to spend the rest of their days in a nightmare filed coma. Many have proposed Gemini to in fact be a sort of psychic pseudo child of the great serpent while others claim it is in fact a creation of the serpent trying to hasten the end of the world. Currently Gemini has been recovered by a group of Dendar cultists who plan to use its poison to send an entire city into a catatonic coma, they believe this will provide the final nightmares there great master requires to enter this world and devour all light.


Gemini is two separate, yet identical in appearance, Huge serpents. Their scales shift colour sporadically but neither will ever show the same colours as the other, they are roughly 100ft long. When inactive they coil around each other but when they make contact with any sentient being will coil around them, the user is instantly grappled and takes 15d6 crushing damage as Gemini fuses with their body. Once fused (assuming they live) Gemini can enter and exit the users body at will and can 'float' around them so long as at least part of their body stays within them. Gemini lacks true intelligence but can act on instinct or its users commands, Geminis instinct will always be to protect Dendar and to spread its poison thus hastening the end of the world. The user can issue commands telepathically, if a command should contradict Geminis instinct then the user must succeed on a Will save (DC 30) or be ignored. Gemini can never be made to attack Dendar and will automatically obey anyone who's pledged themselves to Dendar (via the feat), so long as there commands do not directly harm Dendar.

The snakes will protect their user by continuously entering and exiting their body during combat, seeming to coil around them in mid-air. This provides a +20 untyped (misc) bonus to ac. Whenever Gemini exits its users skin the Will save to order it to go against its instincts rises to (DC 40), this reverts to 30 once it re-enters it's users skin. The snakes can also coil around one another so as to use a breath weapon, this forgoes the misc bonus to ac for the round in which its used and can only be used every 1d6 rounds. Creatures within a 200ft cone must make a Will save (DC 25) or become permanently insane. Which can only be cured by a Wish spell or similarly powerful magic.

Both snakes can attack separately using the users BAB and Intelligence modifier, they do 15d10+users Int modifier piercing damage and have a +15 enhancement bonus. Gemini is also able to grapple any creature of Huge size or smaller while leaving the users hands free (use the users Int for opposed strength checks). Each snake has a reach of 100ft and weighs 250,000 lb. On a successfull bite attack Gemini attempts to poison the enemy, the initial damage can be negated with a fortitude save (DC 25). If they fail this they take 1d6 temporary Con damage. The secondary effect can be ignored with another fortitude save (DC 25), if they fail this the character enters a coma. While in this state, the character is assailed by a constant stream of his worst nightmares. The only way to recover from this state is through the use of a Wish spell or similarly powerful magic and even then the character must succeed on a Will save (DC 20) or take 1d6 points of wisdom drain from the experience. Which can later be recovered only with a Wish spell or similarly powerful magic, but often leaves significant mental trauma on the victim such as terrible recurring nightmares requiring them to gain 4 extra hours of sleep in order to acquire spells for the day.

To remove Gemini from someone its fused with, the user must forgo sleep for one month and eat nothing but snakes during that month. They must then sleep solidly for one day. When they wake up they will find Gemini coiled next to them, no matter what they do Gemini will never fuse with them again. To destroy Gemini is technically impossible as it is a part of Dendar, thus only by destroying Dendar will one destroy Gemini.

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