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A Geastreor's personality is solely based on how his deity commands. These creatures stalk the dark city alleys in search of their prey. Calm in nature, most Geastreors are civilized, and often live in the cities they hunt in. Geastreors that have been turned into a Geastreor by the dark deity can their true form revert into a Human form during the day, but after that they must make a Will save (DC 10 + CL(Character Level)) to stay human even in the night, if they succeed, the Human form remains, but (during the night) they can turn into their normal form as a free action, but once done, they cannot turn back into Human form again, until dawn. Humans are afraid of Geastreors, because of their origin. Geastreors cannot age by themselves (they cannot die of old age, which allows them to gather as much life force as they want (even surpass their original races life expectations)), instead of ageing, they become younger, but if they eat the life force of their victims they can age ((the number of years their victim has)*10/CL) days per round, and each round the victim is 1d10 years older (per hand). This process can last, until the victim is out of HP, or has reached the maximum age of its race. The ideal age of the Geastreor is not defined (players choice), but it is known that few of them has evolved into mightier beings when they reached 1000 years of age (not in real time, but in their ageing process), they get the ability to transfer their life force to other Geastreors, that are alive or dead (bringing them back to life), giving them any number of days of their own life force, also they gain a third vertical mouth over their chest (from beneath the nose, over the neck to the navel), which is identical to the hand mouths in almost everything, but the size, dealing the same damage to the victim as both the other hand mouths together (2*(1d10 + Str)), also works only while in grapple (as a free action). The process of life eating and/or transferring leaves a specific mark behind on the victims body (a scar from the bite which has a T shape), and little traces of evil aura around, that can be detected only on the victims body by the SRD:Detect Evil spell, up to 1 hour after the process has ended.

Effects of ageing:

  1. At middle age, -1 to Str, Dex, Con and +1 to Int, Wis, Cha
  2. At old age, -2 to Str, Dex, Con and +2 to Int, Wis, Cha
  3. At venerable age, -3 to Str, Dex, Con and +3 to Int, Wis, Cha

Geastreors that are older then their original races life expectations, suffer the consequences of the venerable age, and have no other ageing risk that come with that stage (such as old age diseases, heart problems and the like).

Physical Description[edit]

Geastreors look exactly like humans, but 1 feet larger, except that their heads have no mouth, but instead of that, each hand has a mouth with sharp triangle like teeth and their eyes are pitch black and their skin is pale, but everything else is just exactly like a human. They use their mouths on the hands to press them on a living victim to suck out the life force out of it. Each round that deals Str modifier + 1d10 damage/per hand, and can be used with both hands at the same time while grappling the victim.


They have all the relations of their formal race regarding other races, but they cannot stand the presence of any good or neutral higher being. (depends on the dark deity they serve)


Depending on their deity, they are usually evil in their true form in witch they serve their good, but can also be neutral, or even good in their human form, as they are a part of the society.


Almost every Geastreor lives in a city, because of the human supply.


Geastreors are all worshipper of a dark deity. Once, they were normal entities of a race, until they made a pact with the dark deity that gave them power in return for their loyalty for eternity. If the Geastreor cuts bounds with his deity, he looses the ability to steal the life force of his victims, and will eventually die (as a fetus).


Geastreor, Common and Infernal


Names are given by a the dark god/goddess. Some example names are Barbhand, Armeater, Silearm...

Racial Traits[edit]

       - gains +4 on Move Silently and Hide checks.
       - can cast SRD:Inflict Moderate Wounds 3/night. 
       - can cast SRD:Darkness 3/night. 
       - Undead Body
            - it's body has all the abilities of an undead regarding only the inflict/heal divine spells during the night.
            - cannot be detected by the Lifesense feat, or any other similar ability or spell, that detects the living.

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