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April Fools!
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Gazebo [Epic]

When a character trains in the ways of the ancient Gazebos, they learn to be stronger, harder... and woodier. Gazebos are amongst the most feared beings to exist in any plane. They can often be found in village centers or meditation gardens. Not to be confused with a pergola, which is for wusses.
Prerequisite: Con 25, Non-Gazebo race, Non-Gazebo class
Benefit: This feat gives multiple powers, such include:
  • Proficient with all marriages and park instruments.
  • Ability to transform into a gazebo
    • 10 sqft/level
    • The gazebo may look either inanimate or animate
    • Fly - 10 ft/level (altitude)
      • No use limit
      • 20 ft/round
      • Clumsy
  • +5 Str
  • +5 Wis
  • dexterity set to 6
  • Fire Vulnerability (you take twice as much damage from fire attacks)

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