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Gauntlets of the Dark Lord[edit]


The precise history of this and the corresponding gear are unknown, but legend tells of a great and terrible monarch whose power was so unmitigated that all bowed in his presence, even kings, emperors and ,some go as far to say, Gods. Though he was such a powerful warrior, he was simply known as the Dark Lord. He wore his gear for so long that his powers were absorbed, and now grant them to anyone capable of carrying them. As the legend goes, all of the equipment was made of adamantine, but specially treated adamantine. It is said that the creators pressed and pressed over 100 times as much adamantine as was required until it was the perfect amount to create his armor. Thus, the armor is so heavy, that only the mightiest of beings can bear its weight. The legend continues that as his powers further seeped into the armor, it attained some level of sentience only allowing beings of arcane might similar to it's previous master to properly make use of it's enchantments and protection.


The Gauntlets of the Dark Lord function as +20 Spiked Plate Gauntlets. The gauntlets weigh 200 lbs each and require a strength check DC 50 simply to wear them. Due to their prodigious weight, their base damage is as though it were 6 size categories larger (2d8). To perform any actions requiring the hands, such as attacking, it requires a successful strength check DC 80, or the wearer suffers a -32 penalty to all actions, including attack and damage, while the gauntlets are worn. Once the wearer has proven they are strong enough to wield the gauntlets, they will suddenly feel as though they weigh less than standard steel gauntlets, making movement and the like much easier, but still retain their actual weight. Due to their unique nature, it is like the wearer is wielding two weapons completely separate weapons, but they incur no penalties whatsoever.

In addition to the inhuman strength required to wear them, the gauntlets require a Caster Level Check DC 80, or the gauntlets will become completely stationary in whatever position they may be in. In this state, they are completely and utterly immovable regardless of whatever force is applied, and regardless of whom this force originates. Once the gauntlets freeze in place, they latch tightly to the person who attempted to wear them, and become bound there for the next 24 hours, at which point the attempted wearer can try again to match or overcome the caster level requirement. As with all special abilities and unique features of the gauntlets, they can only be used if both are worn at the same time.

Once the wearer has overcome the caster level requirements the wearer can, once per round, cast Destruction and deliver it as a touch attack, using their own spellcasting statistics to determine the save DC, caster level, and damage on a successful save. If other pieces of the Dark Lords Regalia are being successfully worn, then the attempted wearer gains a +5 bonus per piece of the regalia they are wearing.

All the Dark Lord's Items:

This is part 1/12.
1. Gauntlets of the Dark Lord
2. Breast Plate of the Dark Lord
3. Ciurass of the Dark Lord
4. Leggings of the Dark Lord
5. Boots of the Dark Lord
6. Helm of the Dark Lord
7. Mask of the Dark Lord
8. Scepter of the Dark Lord
9. Dark Lord's Bracers of Falconry
10. Dark Lord's Saddle of Command
11. Cape of the Dark Lord
12. Crest of the Dark Lord

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