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A gauntlet built of ancient dragon scales, a rainbow cascade of color and a myriad whorl of shapes. When your fist crashes home, its mangled razor surface grinds and slashes deep, shattering armor, slicing through clothes, stripping flesh from bone and shattering these like glass.

  • market price 1,350,120 gp

special Might of the Dragon: once per encounter you draw on the strength of a dragon, dealing four times your strength modifier in damage. Power rolls outward from that impact, creating a weak point that now you can exploit, adding a crit bonus of 4 to all attacks against this area.

special Breath of the Dragon: once per day you can exhale a tidal wave of flame, frost, and shattered stone. It roars forward like a storm, and crushes any within a burst 5 for 1d20+10+1/5 strength modifier damage

special Form of the Dragon[requires all dragonrend armor]: once per every five days your body swells and crumples forward, wings erupting from your back and scales cascading along your body. Your armor class increases by 5 for every 2 constitution score. Your attacks deal an extra 1d4 damage for every 2 strength score while in this form. Once you leave this form, you are exhausted, and unable to move more than one square or attack until you take an extended rest. Your maximum hp falls by half for the next two days.

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