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Gastromancer Wizard Subclass

The art of manipulating Food and drink as well as producing it from nothing is Gastromancy in a nut shell, with a simple flick of the wrist a skilled Gastromancer can create enough food and drink for a small town. A master Gastromancer can turn a mountain range into iron like chocolate, Gastromancy holds the fate of countrys and even worlds in their hands with the ability to freely control components needed for life to function in the wrong hands it could be devastating.

The art of Gastromany. Starting at 2nd level, You now have proficiency with cook's utensils and brewer's kits, during a short or long rest you can magically enhance any food you make enough for 5 people, each creature that eats this food gains temporary hit points equal to your level, you also learn the Prestidigitation cantrip and can use it to make a single food item that would fit in your hand per cast, that lasts for a minute.

Chefs orders. Starting at 6th level, you can begin to bestow a false life into your food based creations, using statitics from animate object you can create up to 3 small Objects that move on your turn.

The spice of life. Starting at 10th level, Your mastery over Gastromancy increases to another level as you are now able to transmute any object or liquid that isn't being worn or carried that fits in a 10ft cube and isn't made of metal or stone into a more food like form, for instance making a locked door break sticks, a number of times equal to your constitution modifier per long rest.

Will of iron and stomach of stone. Starting at 14th level, You are now immune to disease and poisons, your life expectancy increases by 1/3rd and you have advantage on constitution saving throws, as your continuous studies and consumption of your food bolsters your strength and constitution and bodily functions.

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