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The art of manipulating Food and drink as well as producing it from nothing is Gastromancy in its purest form, with a simple flick of the wrist a skilled Gastromancer can create enough food and drink for a small town. A master Gastromancer can turn a mountain range into iron like chocolate, Gastromancers hold the fate of countries and even worlds in their hands with the ability to freely control components needed for life to function,in the wrong hands Gastromancy could become a devastating force.

The art of Gastromancy.[edit]

Starting at 2nd level, You have proficiency with Cook's utensils and Brewer's supplies,and you can also use them during a short or long rest to magically create food using basic elements around you and fusing them with magical components,this food can feed 5 people,the food provides nourishment as if it were a normal meal,and it's taste ,smell and look can all be decided by the caster, each creature that eats this food also gains temporary hit points equal to your level plus your intelligence modifier (minimum of 1)

Food for thought[edit]

At level 2,you also learn the Prestidigitation cantrip,if you did not know it already,and additionally,you can use it to make a single food item that would fit in your hand per cast,this food item has the look,smell and feel as if it were real,but if a creature tries to eat it,it immediately disappears,if not,it disappears in one minute.

Chefs orders[edit]

Starting at 6th level, you can begin to bestow a false life into your food based creations,you can cast Animate Objects on food stuffs,casting the spell in this way does not use a spell slot,and you do not need to have the spell known to use it in this way,when using the spell in this way you can only cast it on food stuffs,and you can only affect 5 objects when casting Animate Objects in this way.At 10th level the number of objects you can affect increases to 10,and it increases to 15 at level 14.You can only cast Animate Objects in this way once,regaining the ability to cast it again after a long rest.

The spice of life[edit]

Starting at 10th level, Your mastery over Gastromancy has reached new heights as you are now able to transmute any object or liquid that isn't being worn or carried that fits in a 10ft cube and isn't made of metal or stone into a more food like form, for instance making a locked door break sticks, a number of times equal to your constitution modifier per long rest.

Will of iron and stomach of stone[edit]

Starting at 14th level, You are now immune to disease and poisons, your life expectancy increases by 1/3rd and you have advantage on constitution saving throws, as your continuous studies and consumption of your food bolsters your strength and constitution and bodily functions,additionally,you can never get sick or poisoned from eating food,and any food that would regenerate health now regenerates twice as much.

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