Fusillade of Darts (4e Trap)

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A trap which fires a burst of sharp darts, hidden inside a wall. One square within its line-of-sight and range contains a tripwire or pressure plate that triggers the darts. Once it has fired, it must be manually reloaded.

Fusillade of darts
Level 11 Trap
600 XP
Detect: Perception DC 26 Initiative: -
Immune attacks
Triggered Actions
Close.png Attack ♦ Encounter
Attack: (Opportunity Action); Close blast 3 (creatures in burst); +17 vs. AC
Trigger: A creature enters the trigger square.
Hit: 4d6 damage
Disable: Thievery DC 24. Dungeoneering check grants the party a +2 to Thievery Success: The trigger square or trap is disabled.

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