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Description: Fulminating Silver appears as colorless crystalline substance that appears as any other colorless crystalline substance and it takes a DC 30 Craft (Alchemy) Check to determine it is actually Fulminating Silver.

Use as Weapon: When an amount of force equal to or greater than a drop of water is placed on this substance, it reacts violently, resulting in a blast whose radius is dependent on the amount of reagent present. Varying Sizes:

  • Target only for a sample of 6oz. or less.
  • A radius of 5' for a sample 7oz-3lb.
  • A radius of 7' for a sample of 3lb 1oz-6lb.
  • A radius of 10' for a sample of 6lb. 1oz-9lb.

'This Substance deals 1d4 fire splash damage for every 3oz. of Fulminating Silver

Other: Fulminating Silver cost 50gp/3oz. The Craft (Alchemy) DC is 32.

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