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Frostshard Ore[edit]

Frostshard Ore is an ice ore used to make weapons and some armor. The ore is mined from the coldest parts of the world and is pretty much ice that doesn't melt. Any metallic item can be made out of Frostshard Ore, and such items are like ice but as strong as steel. The weapons and armor shine a brilliant light-blue color.

Weapons: Weapons made from Frostshard Ore have half of their damage done in cold damage due to the extreme coldness of the weapon. For example, if 6 damage was rolled with a Frostshard Longsword, it would be 3 slashing and 3 cold damage. The cold damage is doubled against creatures of the fire subtype and has no effect on creatures of the Cold/Water subtype. If the weapon is broken, the Frostshard Ore unleashes its inner cold all at once and deal 1d4 Cold Damage to both the sunderer and the holder of the weapon. Furthermore, the weapon is not subject to Chill Metal.

Ammunition: Ammo made from Frostshard Ore still do half of their damage in cold damage and have all the properties of weapons, except they don't burst with cold with broken.

Armor: Armor made of Frostshard has normal AC bonus and the Armor check penalty is reduced by 1 (this doesn't stack with masterwork bonus) and arcane failure chance reduced by 5%.

Frostshard Ore has 15 hit points per inch of thickness and hardness 10.

Type of Frostshard Item Item Cost Modifier
Ammunition +40 gp
Light weapon +1800 gp
One-handed weapon, or one head of a double weapon +2500 gp
Two-handed weapon, or both heads of a double weapon +3200 gp
Light Armor +1500 gp
Medium Armor +2500 gp
Heavy Armor +3500 gp

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