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The great frost dragon, Suget Frost-Tooth, was in a bad mood. Ordinarily, he wasn't in a bad mood, unlike his brother, Gaert Winter-Breath. Gaert was uncomfortable to be around. Even other dragons avoided him. Yet, the only thing he hated was his brother. Suget shivered. Thinking about Gaert brought him to the present.

Gaert was mad. He was doing everything he could to hurt his brother, both physically and mentally. First, he had his Kobalds destroy his favorite herd of cows. Then, he hired Dwarves-Dwarves, for treasure's sake-to burrow into his fortress and steal his gold. He preferred "fortress" to "lair."

Now, he was sending every vile creature he could possibly imagine to attack Suget. As such, Suget was desperate. Desperate enough to go to the nearby village and beg for help. But it wasn't a village anymore. All that remained was rubble, ashes, and two kobolds fighting over an ax they must have found.

Suget was forced to fly south. South, where the blessed white slowly became green with grass, then yellow sands. Fortunately, he never had to go that far. A small group, adventurers, he believed, were on the road. Hope they don't kill me, he thought as he dived toward them.

Part 1: Surprise Journey[edit]

Spring this quest on the adventurers while they are, say, returning home after a quest. Don't let them learn anything about it beforehand. No one needs to know Draconic beforehand. In fact, they can be level 1's, and you could just adjust the story so the dragons are fledglings.

Now, to the story. The dragon dives at the adventurers, speaking in common. The players' first reaction may be to run, to stand their ground, fire a spell, or even stop and listen to the common.

If they do , they will hear," I mean no harm, I just need help!" or something among those lines. The dragon lands in front of the closest player, no matter what they do.

This is when the dragon speaks to the players. Suget speaks of his plight, and requires assistance. He speaks of a high reward (of the DM's choice). If the players accept, then he will tell them the location of his stronghold. If they don't, then he offers an even higher reward. If not, then Surget travels further south. The players will be attacked by a kobold party later that night, either way. They can either question a kobold knocked out afterwards, or search the leaders body for a note from the kobold commander, reading, "Our scouts report that the hated one has communed with these adventurers. Gaert wants them dead. Do it silently if possible. If not, do your best."

The players will be plagued by kobolds until they finish the quest, giving extra incentive to finish it. As they journey north, the kobolds shall increase in number.

Part 2: Ruined Dreams[edit]

Soon after they have reached the north-lands, the players shall discover a town, infested by kobolds and goblins. The Goblins can be convinced to attack the kobolds, taking a chunk out of their numbers, but shall not succeed in wiping them out.

However, the players can head around the village, but miss out on gold and (possibly) a magic ax. Plus, as they rummage through the homes they can learn a lot about the people who once lived there. For example, a poem loving elf's house can be filled with books, or a thief's hidey-hole can be filled with stolen valuables. A child's wooden sword can be found in a Kobald campfire, and a woman's journal containing the location of a hidden treasure might be in a goblin treasure chest. All depending on what the players may want to do.

Part 3: Dragon's Lair[edit]

Now the players can see a small mountain in the distance. Of course the dragon has made his lair in a mountain. The players can either head through the cave's main entrance, or take a secret side route. After battling through the dungeon of a fortress the cave is, they confront Gaert, the frost dragon. Players will probably try to talk to him, but he refuses to listen to reason, forcing a battle to occur. When he is near death, Suget comes through a hole in the roof and kills him. He thanks the players and gives them the reward he promised at the beginning, effectively ending the quest.

After Quest Ideas[edit]

There are loose ends, however. Kobolds might remain in the town, and killing the dragon may have angered a cult, or perhaps a demon.

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