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Frost Prowler[edit]

As the Skiv lifted off the port and drifted off into the astral sea, clinging to the side unseen, the catlike alien stalks its prey. Her eyes narrowed into slits as she watched with calculating intelligence, the guard pacing in a predictable pattern. With a rush of speed and grace, the blur of the frost prowlers tail was fast. Lightning fast. Before the guard could even scream, the lithe bony tail pierced through the heart and pulled it right out to grip her catch with sadistic glee. Before the body could even collapse, the skin became frost, a sheen of ice cascading down the terrified face before turning to solid ice. Cold. Death. Lifting herself up enjoying her meal, she casually kicks the guard off the Skiv as it fell hard until an eventual shatter is heard only seconds later. "Too Easy~"

Physical Description[edit]

Frost Prowler's are a deadly race of grace and lethality. These hybrid creatures were created as experimental weapons in hopes to glide across battlefields, eviscerating enemies. Mixing the elegance of a Tabaxi's form and the swift brutality of a terrifying Xenomorph, a Frost Prowler can be a perfect weapon if you happen to befriend one


Frost Prowlers were created with the intent to be controlled and used as weapons. When they were gifted intelligence, they became far too aware to be contained as simple weapons. As such, Frost Prowlers revel in breaking their chains and slaying any who may oppose their freedoms. As these creatures escaped and made themselves their own kin, they have grown to be a rather respectable race on their own, proving capable of higher thought and even capable of civilization if left unprovoked. Since these creatures were made for brutal combat, almost everything is considered a weapon. Between their deadly claws and their prehensile tail, they are capable of close and medium range combat readily. However their most terrifying trait is their blood. The blood of a Frost Prowler freezes outside its body and they are capable of piercing their targets and injecting that blood to freeze their victims solid

Frost Prowler Traits[edit]

Ability Score Increase. Your Dex score increases by 2 and your Con score decreases by 1, to a minimum of 1.
Age. Frost Prowlers age five times slower than a human, reaching maturity at 90 years old, with an average lifespan of around 400 years.
Alignment. Frost Prowlers don't have a racial alignment, each one is unique in this regard
Size. You are Size Medium
Speed. Your base walking speed is 40 feet. You have a climbing speed of 25 feet.
Darkvision. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You can't discern color in darkness, only shades of gray.
Freezing Blood. Your blood is composed of cryogenic fluids, making it hazardous to anyone it touches. You are Immune to Cold damage When you take damage, anyone within 5ft of you in the direction the damage came from must take a Dex saving throw (DC 15). On a failed save, they take 2d6-1/2CON Cold damage, on a successful save, they take half as much. If this reduces them to 0, they fail one death save, or instantly freeze solid for those that cannot take death saves.
Heat Susceptibility. Your blood boils away outside your body in 1 round of combat, or 6 seconds. You are Vulnerable to Fire damage, and take Con saves for Extreme Heat at disadvantage. If you have Disadvantage, instead you take a -2 per consecutive save against the Heat.
Natural Weapons. You are armed with claws on your hands, and a spear-like tail tip. Your tail is prehensile, and has a range of 10ft. You are considered proficient in your natural weapons. Your claws deal 1d6+STR slashing damage, and your tail deals 1d8+DEX Piercing damage and 1d8 Cold damage. Your tail tip shatters on a natural 1, requiring a long rest to regenerate. Additionally, when shattered, you take 1d6 piercing damage
Projectile Tail. You may fire the spear-tip of your tail in a 20ft line as a ranged attack. The first creature hit by this takes 2d8 piercing damage and 2d6 cold damage. You must complete a long rest to regenerate a new tail tip, and as such cannot use it as a weapon afterwards until a long rest has been completed. Magical healing has no effect on this. The damage of your tail tip increases 1d8 and 1d6 every two levels after 3rd.
Irregular Hands. Your natural claws make weapons awkward to use unless purpose tailored to your needs. You must spend 3x the price of a weapon to purchase it, and must be Proficient to use it at all. You gain advantage on Acrobatics checks to climb roofs, and are racially proficient in Acrobatics.
Languages. You speak Common, and one language of your choice.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

6ft′ 0in″ +1d6 100lbs lb. × (1d4-1) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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