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A frog-like race with an affinity for explosions

Racial Traits
Average Height: 3'5-3'9
Average Weight: 45-60 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma or Wisdom
Size: Small
Speed: 5 squares, swim 7 squares
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, Goblin
Natural Jumper: You gain a +5 bonus to athletics checks when jumping
Master Blaster: You can increase the size of a blast by one once per encounter.
Aquatic Origin: Because of your aquatic origin you can breathe underwater.
Trap Knowledge: You gain a +5 bonus to thievery checks when disabling traps

Leaping Faith Froblins Racial Power
Your frog like legs allow you to leap back from immobilization.
Major Action When knocked Prone/immobilized."Major Action When knocked Prone/immobilized." is not in the list (Minor Action, Standard Action, Free Action, Immediate Reaction, Immediate Interrupt, Move Action, No Action) of allowed values for the "4e Power Action Type" property. 4 squares
Effect: This action can only be used when the player is immobilized or knocked prone, you must make a saving throw, if successful you are allowed to leap 4 squares, this uses your major action.

Froblins are amphibious in origin and like explosions and machines. Nobody knows how they got to like explosions, not even the Froblins. Froblins live in small settlements close to a source of freshwater. There they can catch their favorite meal, bugs!

Play a Froblin if you want...

  • To have a love for explosions
  • To be the best at dismantling traps
  • To be able to breathe underwater
  • To be a member of a race that favours the Rogue, Monk, and Sorcerer classes.

Physical Qualities[edit]

Froblins are small creatures with thin, lanky limbs. They have green, yellow, or orange-brown skin. Their eyes and tongues are quite large compared to other races, especially the tongues. Froblins almost have no necks. They also don't have any hair. A Froblin's skin is rough and slightly wet.

Playing a Froblin[edit]

Froblins love to try new things and are always looking for a new experience. Froblins always see the positive and don't get the point of negatives. They are very creative and love to build things from scratch.

Froblin Characteristics: Curious, brave, inquisitive, simple, frank, impatient, energetic, hyper, jumpy.

Male Names: Aruk, Cug, Erg, Gurc, Jup, Liteg, Querr, Targ, Urik

Female Names: Axa, Cega, Dese, Fara, Iza, Quisa, Seema, Wula, Zuxu

Froblin Adventurers[edit]

Aruk is a froblin storm sorcerer. He searches for a way to the elemental plane so he can learn the secrets of the storm giants. Aruk loves the exhilarating feeling of standing on the front of a storm.

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