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A frog-like race of goblinoids with an affinity for explosions

From the Spiderwick Chronicles, art by Tony DiTerlizzi
Racial Traits
Average Height: 3'5"–3'9"
Average Weight: 45–60 lb.
Ability Scores: +2 Dexterity, +2 Charisma or Wisdom
Size: Small
Speed: 5, swim 7 squares
Vision: Low-light
Languages: Common, Goblin
Natural Jumper: You gain a +5 bonus to athletics checks when jumping.
Master Blaster: You can increase the size of a blast by 1 once per encounter.
Aquatic Origin: Because of your aquatic origin you can breathe underwater.
Trap Knowledge: You gain a +5 bonus to thievery checks when disabling traps

Leap of Faith Froblins Racial Power
Your frog like legs allow you to leap back from being struck down
Immediate interrupt, free Action"Immediate interrupt, free Action" is not in the list (Minor Action, Standard Action, Free Action, Immediate Reaction, Immediate Interrupt, Move Action, No Action) of allowed values for the "4e Power Action Type" property. 4 squares
Effect: You must make a saving throw. If successful you are allowed to leap 4 squares.

Froblins are amphibious creatures that have origins in goblinoid ancestry. In a modernizing era, they have come to have a love for the incendiary and explosive, mirroring their often ill-tempered natures. Froblins live in small settlements close to a source of freshwater. There they can catch their favorite meal, bugs!

Physical Qualities[edit]

Froblins are small creatures with thin, lanky limbs. They have greenish, yellow, or orange-brown skin that can be dry like a toad or wet and slimy like a frog or newt. Their mouths and tongues are quite large compared to their overall body size. In fact, their tongues can extend up to over half their height when fully extended. The end of the muscular tongue is mildly sticky, to allow them to catch flying insects. Froblins have no visible necks, giving their body a very rotund appearance. They also typically lack any hair, though some sprout stray whiskers as a naked mole rat might. Their legs are thick and very powerful, allowing them to jump great distances rather than walk.

Froblin Tribes[edit]

Froblins find comfort within the wet and wild areas of the world, usually in enclosed estuaries, where fish and fowl are plentiful, or even in flat lands, where game has little places to hide. They are viewed as squat, ugly creatures of primitive lifestyles by others of a more urban setting. Some froblins do reside in great walled provinces, but they often end up eking a living among the underworld and slums due to how their appearance hinders them socially. Where the outside world and outsiders are seen to be judgmental snobs who deserve whatever comeuppances they get, froblins look inward to their rather tight knit communities. They are similar to goblins in their societal hierarchy make-up, and are just as devious and clever.

Within the sloppy, damp dens where they make their homes, froblins have little space or privacy between individual members. Each tribe was essentially a big family, and they all lived together in cramped quarters as such, usually tripping over one another due to the sheer volume of tadwhelps each female froblin could bear. These living spaces are thus very soiled and often stink with molds due to the moist environments they prefer. Like goblins, froblins are known for being vicious and cruel even to one another. In a society where there are always too many mouths and too many enemies, death and stress run high, pressuring froblin young to mature and make a name for themselves quickly. Most hope to develop enough strength to control the tribe by ousting the current leader, who is usually the biggest and strongest froblin.

Roleplaying a Froblin[edit]

Froblins can be very mean-spirited and vindictive, always looking for ways to get ahead of others. Their love for explosives does not help ameliorate their foul tempers, as they have short fuses. They love quick solutions, hence their love of blowing enemies up, large or small. If they could, they would hunt a bunny with a cannon. But this is not to say they are rash dullards. Froblins are resourceful and persistent to try and get what they want. If they have no necessary bomb, they will improvise to create one from extant materials. They are also adept at thinking of ways around problems that cannot be solved with dynamite, explaining how many make their livings as kidnappers and lockpick thieves in cities. They are aware of how the world sees them, and they do not care. Their speech patterns are often simple, though that does not mean they are unable to tell lies.

Froblin Characteristics: Impatient, hyper, jumpy, gruff, mischievous, petty, vengeful

Male Names: Aruk, Cug, Erg, Gurc, Jup, Liteg, Querr, Targ, Urik

Female Names: Axa, Cega, Dese, Fara, Iza, Quisa, Seema, Wula, Zuxu

Froblin Adventurers[edit]

Froblins favor the rogue, monk, and sorcerer classes. Three sample Froblin adventurers are listed below:

Aruk is a Froblin sorcerer. He searches for a way to the elemental plane so he can learn the secrets of the storm giants. Aruk loves the exhilarating feeling of standing on the front of a storm. In his use of magic, he seeks to overcome the stereotype of froblins being feeble-minded creatures unable to master arcane subjects. Once his research is complete, he plans to bring it back to his brethren so they can make storm bombs to level the local city of humans.

Zuxu is a Froblin rogue who works for one of the local mobs in a walled city. She likes to rob high-born women of their jewelry due to the looks of disgust much of the upper-class give her. In a world where grandeur and appearance overshadow skill, Zuxu seeks to turn the tables on the nobles. She desires to leave the city some day and search for the magic of gods that might grant her wish.

Jub is a Froblin monk. Raised away from his native swamplands, Jub is plagued with impulses that constantly impede on his daily duties as a monk. The others of the monastery which raised him do not look anything like him, and many of the younger ones shun him. His mind will never be at peace until he finds out why he has these urges, and the temple elders bade him farewell as he sets off on his odyssey to find his past.

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