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How many caskets do we have? Because we're going to need three more, no matter how this turns out.
—Rygar Bronzesteel, Dwarven Fighter
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Small in stature yet stout in soul. The very grains of Fritzstland seem to sway happily.
—Sir TwoTone Trollbane, Tips for Travelers

Barvan Bane
Predominant Race
Predominant Language
Predominant Religion

Fritzstland is landlocked within Quaristan, the state it successfully seceeded from two years ago.


The locals in the region grew tired of never being recognized in the Allied Parliament due to the rest of Quaristan's lackluster attitudes, and led a secession movement. The country is prideful and hopeful as to its future, and locals seem to be joyful, as they feel they can accomplish much, as they did when they seceeded.

Major Settlements & Regions

The president and most of the population reside in Metropolis, a smalltown with a big-town feel, much like the entire country. The small town is currently experiencing large growth as it's population booms from Quaristan defectors.

National Celebrities

Lead by elected President Barvan Bane, whose followers lovingly call BB. A friendly and beautiful bachelor elf, he is rarely seen without a few Heralds of the State beauties around his arms. Though a playboy in all rights, he is no lame duck, and has put his small country's wants on the floor of the Allied Parliament so much that he is considered King Delpear's unofficial go-to man in the Parliament.

National Sport

The Metropolis Minotaurs are the Ghiknifal team, and the fastest rising in the league. They won the championship this year, which was only their second year as a franchise. Linebacker (and only real minotaur on the team) Ordok the Stout has grown to national fame due to his abilities on the field.

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