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Frenzy Water: A favorite among berzerkers and warriors of savage peoples, this clear, strongly alcoholic substance causes the drinker to become fearless and extremely violent. Upon drinking Frenzy Water, the consumer must make a DC 15 Will save. If he/ she fails the save, they receive a +2 to strength, -1 to AC, +2 on all saves vs fear effects, and +2 constitution (this effect is considered rage for the purposes of spell casting and skill checks, and these bonuses and penalties stack with those of rage). This effect lasts 3 + constitution modifier rounds, and each round the consumer must make a DC 15 Will save or lose control and attack the nearest creature, even its own friends. At the end of the duration, the drinker must make a DC 15 Fortitude save or fall unconscious, success means that the consumer is merely exhausted. Creating this drink requires a DC 20 craft (alchemy) check and the bless spell cast by a non-good priest or shaman. This drink can be very expensive depending on where you get it, and because it is difficult to acquire in developed places, one drink can cost as much as 25 gp. In more savage communities, this drink can be acquired for next to nothing from shamans and food stores found in villages.

Optional Rule: If a person consumes Frenzy Water and fails the final fortitude save more times than their constitution modifier, they develop an addiction to the drink. This is considered a medium to high (DM's discretion) drug addiction based off of the addiction rules found in the Book of Vile Darkness. As such, they face the penalties of not consuming it for too long a time.

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