Freezing Cloud Launcher (4e Trap)

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A magical object taking up one square, such as a pillar with a clear orb containing a small cloud mounted on it, that fires a pellet that explodes into a cloud of icy mist at the point of impact. Once the pillar is destroyed the orb will fall and crack, harmlessly shattering into worthless glass. The Trap attacks any creature that come within it's range (10 squares) unless it has been enchanted to not attack them.

Players can make an Knowlage Arcana Check, DC 15 to identify it when they see it.

Freezing Cloud Launcher
Level 3 Elite Trap
300 XP
Detect: Perception DC 13 Initiative: -
HP 40
AC 16; Fortitude 13, Reflex 13, Will -
Immune Necrotic, poison, cold, psychic, forced movement, all conditions, ongoing damage.
Triggered Actions
Area.png Attack(Arcane, Cold) ♦ Recharge D6 (5).png D6 (6).png
Attack: Ranged 10 (one creature); +6 vs. Fortitude.
Trigger: A creature comes within range
Hit: 1d8 + 12 cold damage and the target is slowed (save ends).
Miss: Half damage and the target is slowed until the end of the trap's next turn.
Destroy, ♦Disable: Arcana DC 25 (Must be next to the Freezing Cloud Launcher) Success: The trap is disabled.

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