Freezeframe (4e Power)

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Freezeframe Warmage Attack 29
Your Mystic Orbs merge into you and freeze time around you, covering your enemies in frost and accelerating your movements for a short while before time resumes its normal flow.
Daily Star.gif Arcane, Cold, Implement
Standard Action Close burst 5
Special: Choose up to 5 of your Mystic Orbs to use for this power, an attack is made for each Mystic Orb used.
Target: Each enemy in burst
Attack: Intelligence Vs. Reflex
Hit: 2d6 + Intelligence modifier cold damage, and target is immobilized (save ends).
Miss: Half damage, and target is slowed (save ends).
Effect: You gain one extra minor action for each Mystic Orb or one extra standard action for each two Mystic Orbs used by this power. No action granted by this effect may be used to directly attack other creatures.
Special: The Mystic Orbs used for this power are destroyed.

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