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Formerly Petrified[edit]

For a long long time, you've been trapped in stone. Petrified by someone or something and preserved for many years. But one day, you were finally freed from your stone prison and discovered how much the world has changed. Was it better before you were trapped in that prison of stone? Or does this new world amaze you with new advancements and knowledge? How long have you been petrified? What trapped you there in the first place and why did it trap you? Your journey may yet reveal these secrets.

Skill Proficiencies: History and Survival

Tool Proficiencies: None

Equipment: Your old worn clothes and something to commemorate when you were freed.

Feature: Ancient knowledge[edit]

You know of information from your time that has become more obscure to the common person. This information might be the name of someone important, the location of a former city, or a legend or tale that died out while you were petrified. It is up to your DM whether or not this information is useful to your goals.

Alternate Feature: Ancient Thinking[edit]

Your way of thinking is unusual for these modern times. Perhaps you believe something that is long since proven wrong. Perhaps you don't value the same things that other people do. Or perhaps you believe something more esoteric along the lines of nothing happening in the world without spirits deciding it should happen. Let your imagination flow and think of something like that.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

People who are freed from petrification hardly are the same afterwards. They tend to either miss the comforts of home or may be overwhelmed by the fascinating new world they live in. In addition, their stony prison often hardens them and leaves them a colder or stronger person.

d8 Personality Trait
1 I feel super stiff, so I tend to crack my neck or knuckles.
2 My use of outdated words tends to make me stick out.
3 I'm never just sitting around, I always keep busy.
4 I miss things from my old life and am always trying to recreate them.
5 I love telling stories from my old life. They bring me such joy.
6 I speak with a certain raspyness to my voice. Being petrified seems to do that to you.
7 I often fiddle with items from this new world. I need to know how they tick.
8 I tend to sleep just about anywhere. It's easy for my to find a comfy spot.
d6 Ideal
1 Softened. I'll never let anyone suffer like I have. (Good)
2 Polished. I don't know the laws of these lands, but I respect them. (Lawful)
3 Rounded. What goes on now is not my business. (Neutral)
4 Stone. I just want to come back to society. (Any)
5 Sharp. I swear I'll make everyone suffer for my petrification. (Evil)
6 Jagged. I don't know the laws of these lands, nor do I care for them. (Chaotic)
d6 Bond
1 I'm going to find out why I was petrified.
2 I want to find out if I have family in this new world.
3 Those who were there when I was freed are who I cling to.
4 I don't trust anyone in this new world. They're not my people.
5 I want to travel and explore this new world. It fascinates me.
6 Maybe I can find a way back. Is that even possible?
d6 Flaw
1 I feel kinda stupid compared to these new guys.
2 I have terrible claustrophobia from being petrified.
3 I hate the touch of stone and refuse to be near it if I can.
4 I have many vices that I indulge in since my freedom from the stone.
5 I have a very refined palate. I refuse to eat the slop these people eat.
6 I used to be revered very highly in my old life, so I have a bit of an ego.

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