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Long ago you lived a happy life, even in the worst of circumstances. You lived a life that was one that was full of friends and family from all around, you were a hoot with most people, and they enjoyed your company and presence. Except, like all happily ever afters, it didn't last long. The people you knew neglected you, left you alone, and you were put further and further into obscurity. You were forgotten. Why were you left? Who knew you? Do you wish to be remembered now?

Skill Proficiencies: Choose one of: Insight, Perception, Investigation, Acrobatics

Tool Proficiencies: Choose one of: Thieves' Tools, Herbalism Kit, Navigator's Tools, or one musical instrument

Equipment: Common clothes, a belt pouch with 10gp inside, a trinket related to your forgettable nature, and one of the Tools you chose.

Forgettable Nature[edit]

What were you that made you so uninteresting and forgettable? Maybe you've forgotten as well. Roll a d6.

d6 Specialization
1 Entertainer- You've fallen into obscurity after a big flop of a show. People no longer wished to see you anymore and forced themselves to forget. You gain proficiency with performance.
2 Entrepreneur- You had a start-up business that went really well for a few years, except.. then people stopped buying and didn't want what you were selling, despite your compelling "arguments". You gain proficiency with deception
3 Sailor- You were a man of the sea, living upon the calm waters. Then your ship had an accident and you were swept away under the waves, forgotten by time. You gain proficiency with survival
4 Outcasted- You were forced into the wild originally as punishment, yet despite this it wasn't that bad. However, everyone forgot that you even lived out there. You gain proficiency with nature
5 Pitiful Soul- You were once a beggar, lying on the streets asking for help. People didn't seem to care after a while and so they blocked you from memory. You gain proficiency with persuasion
6 Forgettable- Just as the name implies, you're just forgettable. People just don't remember who you are, where you've been, or where you go. You gain proficiency with stealth.

Feature: Ring a Bell[edit]

You're able to try and convince someone that they know you. You could say that you were famous all you want and they'd believe it a lot easier due to your persuasive nature. Who knows, if you find the right person they might think you're their best friend.

Alternate Feature: Uh Who?[edit]

You're able to make people forget about you, you've had a lot of practice over the years. You can make yourself a fake alias and pretty much be a completely different person without repercussion when caught. However, keeping up with a web of lies is difficult.

Suggested Characteristics[edit]

Whatever you are like still makes you as uninteresting as the next person.

d8 Personality Trait
1 Smiling through your pain makes it all better, right..?
2 I appreciate the quiet of being forgotten about, it's really serene.
3 I like this, getting a second chance to connect to people is really fun.
4 People always greet me like a stranger, and I enjoy greeting them right back.
5 I've enjoyed watching things change after I was forgotten about.
6 I think, it's always good to sit back and smell the roses.
7 People don't seem to realize how fun being obsessed with yourself is.
8 I love hanging out with people, it's not fun being cooped up alone.
d6 Ideal
1 Clean Slate. If everyone forgot about me I'll never be held accountable for what I did before! (Chaotic)
2 Optimism. Everyone has forgotten me, and now I can appreciate the silent life. (Any)
3 Fate. What happened to me had to happen. I might not like it, but I accept it. (Lawful)
4 Hope. Even if I was forgotten, I don't mind! I'll just make myself better than before. (Good)
5 Acceptance. If everyone else forgot about me, I might as well too. (Any)
6 Revenge. If the world forgot about me, I'll make it forget all of you! (Evil)
d6 Bond
1 Honestly, after all of this time, the stories I've made up about myself are the only truth I know.
2 Maybe somebody will fall in love with the new me?
3 I miss my friends, maybe I can make amends with them and start anew.
4 I used to frequent bars and was considered a regular in lots of them. I went into one today and the bartender thought I was new.
5 I was left alone by my family for years. I was told to stay and I was left unattended to for years.
6 So far, there has been one person who has remembered who I was. They didn't speak too highly of me.
d6 Flaw
1 I let the rage from my abandonment get to me and I sometimes push it onto others.
2 I get overemotional a lot, I cry a little more each time I hear somebody go, "Uh, who are you?"
3 I make a lot of lies about myself, and sometimes they get me in trouble.
4 I try to get into more trouble now than I did before. Crime is now an addiction.
5 I'm obsessive with trying to find somebody who knows me. I ask and ask and ask till I'm considered a freak.
6 I panic if somebody knows my name that I'm not familiar with. I must've forgotten about them too!

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