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Forged Sky
Price: Unknown
Body Slot: Weapon
Caster Level: Unknown
Aura: Overwhelming Evocation
Weight: 6 lb.

This +10 bastard sword has a crystalline blade that shines blue in sunlight. When this weapon is wielded in open air during a thunderstorm, the wielder can command the blade to channel a bolt of sprite lightning down from the sky as a standard action that provokes attacks of opportunity. The bolt functions similarly to a lightning bolt spell, dealing 100d6 energy damage in a 5 foot wide line for 400 feet. As the bolt arcs down from the sky, anything above the wielder also has a chance of being hit. The sky above the weilder is threatened in a cone up into the high stratosphere. Though, anything caught in the cone only suffers a chance of being dealt 10d6 energy damage unless the target is directly in the line of the bolt, in which case he would be targeted by the direct line and be forced to save against the full damage. The Reflex Save is DC 40. This ability is usable once every 10 rounds.

The weapon is treated as though it's wielder were 10 Divine Ranks higher than their own rank for the purposes of damaging deities. Mortals that do not have a Divine Rank, do not gain this bonus.

The energy from the sprite lightning is not electrical damage. It is pure energy, neither positive or negative energy.

Requirements: This weapon cannot be crafted by mortal means.


Forged Sky was crafted by Veti for use by Sabayoh Ohmriel in the war against Exaka. The weapon was used to smite legions of devils and strike at the wicked God himself.

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