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Forge Master[edit]

Warlock Subclass

You have made a deal with a powerful smith of countless magic items, this gives you a powerful connection to even mundane weapons and armor. As well as the basic spells for warlock you also know these spells automatically based on your subclass

Level Spells
1st level identify, grease
2nd heat metal, magic weapon
3rd elemental weapon, meld into stone
4th control water, stone shape
5th animate objects, creation
Iron Lore

1st level: When you formed your pact visions of blades armor and their crafting flooded your mind. You now have gained the knowledge of how to use many of these items. You gain proficiency in medium armor 4 melee martial weapons of your choice and 3 martial ranged weapons.

Material Manipulate

1st level: Your patron has giving you the ability to manipulate many forged items at will. You can alter the details of up to 3 items at will. These items must not be magical, but you have to attune to them as if they were. While you are attuned to them you gain several benefits You can spend 10 minutes to change them into a different item of equal value or less that are the same type of item they are. ie you could change a longbow into a shortbow. You also may use your Charisma modifier for weapons and use your Charisma modifier instead of your Dexterity modifier for your AC. If you die or any of these items are more then 500 ft away from you for 12 hours they revert to their original form and you lose your attunment. You also may use your Charisma modifier for attack rolls and AC for all magical items.

Weapon Control

6th level: Your connection to weapons has improved by a large amount and you can now control them with a form of telepathy. You may wield up to your proficiency bonus + 1. Light weapons only count as half a weapon for this purpose while heavy weapons count as two. Ranged weapons count as 3 and heavy ranged weapons count as 4. These weapons float around you at a steady 5 feet away, clattering to the ground when you sleep or fall unconscious, you may use a bonus action to restore this effect. While you can use magical weapons they lose their effect while being used this way. As a bonus action you may attack with any number of these weapons targeting a creature or structure within slandered range of the weapon acting as though you are duel wielding. Additionally for every weapon that attacks it has a negative modifier equal to then number of weapon slots it takes rounded up, + the number of weapon slots that have attacked this turn. If a weapon critically fails on its attack, it falls to the ground disabled until you use your bonus action to bring it back. As a free action you may swap what weapon your are wielding with one orbiting around you. You can choose to disable this effect and if you do the weapons will attempt to sheath themselves or otherwise store themselves safely on your person and if unable to do so, collapsing to the ground.

Fully Immersed

10th level: You have learned to better control weapons, and if you are able to concentrate can use them to much greater effect. On your turn as a free action you can focus on your weapon control. If you do so for up to a minute or until your concentration is broken you no longer suffer any penalty to your bonus attacks and instead use your Charisma modifier for all attack rolls. You also deal an additional d4 damage for each weapon slot used in that attack when you hit. If your concentration is broken in anyway besides you willingly ending it all weapons are deactivated. Once you use this feature you can only use it again after a long rest.

Weapon Master

14th level: You now have a mastery over controlling weapons, enhancing your weapon control in several ways. You gain an additional number of weapon slots equal to your Charisma modifier, additionally heavy, ranged, and heavy ranged weapons cost one slot less. Finally magical items only lose their effects if they are rare or rarer. You may now use your bonus action attack as an attack of opportunity.

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