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Force of Will Champion of the Ferine Attack 1
An invisible force strikes the creature fool enough to have drawn your ire, even if it finds itself out of physical reach, proving there is no safety from your savagery.
At-Will Star.gif Primal, Divine, Force, Psychic
Standard Action Ranged 20
Target: One creature
Attack: Wisdom Vs. Will
Hit: 1d8 + Wisdom modifier Psychic or Force damage
11th Level: 1d8 + 1d4 + Wisdom modifier Psychic or Force damage
21st Level: 2d8 + 2d4 + Wisdom modifier Psychic or Force damage
Effect: If the creature you target with Force of Will attacked you within the last round from a range further than your melee weapon, you gain a +2 bonus to your attack roll with Force of Will against that target.
Special: Critical strikes by Force of Will cause the victim to be dazed until the end of your next turn.

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