Folding Thrust (3.5e Martial Artist Maneuver)

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You make four attacks with a single attack roll.

Folding Thrust

Why be content to tire yourself striking at your enemy four times, when you can throw four punches in one swift strike?

Level: Tempered 2
Type: Action (Attack)
Prerequisites: 2 Tempered Flow maneuvers.
Description: You make a single unarmed strike against a target. When successful, the attack hits the target not once, but four times. You condense a thrust into four consecutive attacks; fintertips, minor knuckles, major knuckles, wrist, basically folding your hand inward on contact to perform those four attacks in a single strike. Each strike deals damage equal to your unarmed strike damage, and is affected by damage reduction individually. The last strike deals bonus damage equal to your initiator level. Also, the target of a successful folding thrust must make a Fortitude saving throw against a DC of 10 + ½ your initiator level + your Intelligence modifier or be dazed for 1 round.

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