Fluxmeld (3.5e Divinemeld)

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Divinemeld of water deities

Prerequisite: Water Domain.

You gain a swim speed of 40 feet (12 meters) and you gain a +8 bonus to Swim checks and may always take 10 on them. You gain a +4 bonus to Escape Artist checks.

You gain fast healing 1.

Essentia: Every point of essentia you invest in your fluxmeld increases the bonus to Escape Artist by 2. Every 2 points invested increase your fast healing by one (up to 3).

Chakra bind (Divine Soul)

You may breath water as well as air and your swim speed increases to 60 feet (18 meters).

You base fast healing increases to 2 and your maximum value to 4.

You always act as if under the effect of the spell freedom of movement.

You gain the benefit of the Swim-by Attack feat.

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