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Floating Island: Long ago in ancient times, the magic was stronger and harder to master, but those who managed to do so where considered gods compared to the rest of mortal creatures. Gods came to a conclusion that mortal beings are not ready to wield such power, and so in order to bring balance to the realms of mortal beings they decided that the wave should be dampened and some knowledge removed until they see it fit.

One day a librarian by the name of Philias Blaze was approached by an adventurer carrying a dusty old tome. Soon it was obvious that this was no ordinary adventurer as he opened his mouth and said: "You served the house of knowledge well, and for that Lord Oghma (greater deity of knowledge) rewards you with this." as he handed him the tome he vanished, leaving Philias a bit surprised but proud and with a new found knowledge. Among other things that tome contained the knowledge to create the floating island.

This massive floating island is created, driven and held aloft by pure magic. Constructed from the ground materials (mostly stone, and earth on top) found in the area of its creation.

The following are basic statistics of the newly created floating island:

Floating Island: Colossal vehicle, Speed Fly 30 ft (clumsy), AC 2 (base 10, size -8), Each 5cu.ft. Section has 150 hp (hardness 8), Ram 12d6, SQ Hover, Space 135 ft. by 135 ft., height 10 ft.

Despite island’s size and clumsy maneuverability rating, it can turn in place and change direction but turning around 180 degree takes four full rounds and the island must come to a full stop in order to do so.

CL <!-Caster level for creation-->; ; Cost 125,000gp; Market Price: Not Available

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