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Flame Disciple[edit]

Oh, you can cast a fireball? That’s adorable.

A Flame Disciple serves as a vessel to the Will of Fire, using knowledge and power of fire gifted to them to destroy everything that would oppose them.

Making a Flame Disciple[edit]

Alignment: Flame Disciples are normally Chaotic, but may be any alignment they want.

Races: Flame Disciples appear in all races.

Starting Gold: 6d6×10 gp (210 gp).

Domains: A Flame Disciple is not required to have a domain, but they may take one if they choose. If so, they must select from the following: Chaos, Destruction, Fire, Magic, Sun, or War.

Starting Age: As Rogue.

Table: The Flame Disciple

Hit Die: D6

Level Base
Attack Bonus
Saving Throws Special
Fort Ref Will
1st +0 +2 +0 +2 One with Flame, Fire Rupture, Fire Bolts, Will of Fire
2nd +1 +2 +0 +2 Ignite
3rd +2 +3 +1 +3 Piercing Flames, Body of Fire
4th +3 +4 +1 +4
5th +3 +4 +1 +4 Undying Flame, Blazing Aura
6th +4 +5 +2 +5 Flame Manipulation
7th +5 +5 +2 +5
8th +6/+1 +6 +2 +6 Fiery Soul, Sending, Fire Cannon
9th +6/+1 +6 +3 +6
10th +7/+2 +7 +3 +7 Conflagration, Improved Ignite
11th +8/+3 +7 +3 +7 Beacon, Firewalk, Fire Immunity
12th +9/+4 +8 +4 +8 Bonds of Fire
13th +9/+4 +8 +4 +8 Fire Minions, Ascent of the Phoenix
14th +10/+5 +9 +4 +9
15th +11/+6/+1 +9 +5 +9 Touch of the Sun
16th +12/+7/+2 +10 +5 +10
17th +12/+7/+2 +10 +5 +10 Breath of the Blue Serpent
18th +13/+8/+3 +11 +6 +11
19th +14/+9/+4 +11 +6 +11 Visions of Flame
20th +15/+10/+5 +12 +6 +12 Infernal Downpour

Class Skills (6 + Int modifier per level, ×4 at 1st level)
Appraise (Int), Bluff (Cha), Craft (Int), Concentration (Con), Decipher Script (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disguise (Cha), Gather Information (Cha), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Listen (Wis), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Search (Int), Spellcraft (Int), Spot (Wis), Knowledge Arcana (int), Knowledge Planes (int) and Use Magic Device (Cha).

Class Features[edit]

All of the following are class features of the Flame Disciple.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: Flame Disciples are proficient with all simple weapons, as well as the whip and scythe. Flame Disciples are proficient with light armor but not with shields of any kind.

One with Flame (Ex): Flame Disciples are never in danger of being harmed by their own flames. They also have a Resistance to Fire equal to twice their level.

Fire Rupture (Sp): As a standard action, a Flame Disciple can emit a burst of flame from his body, striking all creatures and objects within 15ft of his position. This burst of flames inflicts 1d4 of fire damage per level, with an allowed Reflex Save for half (DC 10 + 0.5 ½ Level + Charisma Modifier).

Fire Bolts (Sp): A Flame Disciple can shoot bolts of fire as an attack action. A fire bolt travels out to 60ft, and inflicts 1d6 of fire damage per level. A fire bolt strikes its target with a ranged touch attack. The Flame Disciple may also use this as melee touch attack.

Will of Fire (Ex): Every time a Flame Disciple inflicts Fire damage on any target, whether with his class abilities or another source of fire, he inflicts an amount of extra Fire Damage equal to his Charisma Modifier.

Ignite (Sp): As a standard action, a Flame Disciple can cause any creature or object to burst into flame (DC 10+1/2lvl+CHA Mod Will Save Negates). A creature on fire suffers 3d8 of Fire damage (damage from Will of Fire ability applies to each round), and the creature can attempt to put the fire out with a Reflex save (DC 10+level+CHA MOD) on your next turn; a failed save means the target continues to burn. Increase damage by 1D8 and DC by 2 every round for spreading and intensifying flames. In addition, the Flame Disciple may take a Full-Round Action to ignite a number of targets equal to attacks he has in a Full Attack Action, whether one at a time or simontaneously. This ability can be used out to 80ft, and requires a ranged touch attack for each target.

Piercing Flames (Ex): A Flame Disciple's Fire cuts through Fire Resistance, hardness, and Immunity. No more than 0.5 ½ of the damage inflicted by his fire damage can be negated by hardness, immunity, damage reduction, or resistance to Fire. In addition, the Flame Disciple ignores the first 5 points of Fire Resistance that a target has.

Body of Fire (Su): A Flame Disciple can set fire to their own body as a free action, causing them to count as armed at all times, even with unarmed attacks. The Flame Disciple's body illuminates an area around him equal to that of a torch. The Flame Disciple gets a +4 bonus to his charisma score and intimidate checks while this ability is active; this bonus applies to everything except powers that have a certain number of uses per day per CHA mod. The Flame Disciple also causes an extra 1D6 of Fire damage with all melee attacks (weapons are set on fire while this ability is active), and 3D6 Fire damage to anyone attacking him with melee attacks. The Flame Disciple may choose what is burned by this ability; likewise, the Flame Disciple may choose to use this ability to set fire to his current weapon only, but will only get the additional melee fire damage with no other benefits.

Fire Immunity (Ex): The Flame Disciple is immune to Fire, High Temperatures, and Heat effects.

Fire Cannon (Sp): A Flame Disciple can hurl a ball of explosive fire anywhere within 150ft as a Full Round Action. This Fire explodes into a 20ft radius burst and inflicts 3d6 of Fire Damage +1 per level. All creatures within the area are entitled to a Reflex save to halve damage (DC 10 + 0.5 ½ Level + Charisma Modifier).

Undying Flame (Ex): A Flame Disciple may make a Concentration check (DC 20) to use his abilities in any places or situations he normally couldn't, which include (but is not limited to) in water, antimagic fields, or places without air. This check is required every round the Flame Disciple is in this type of environment in order to use his abilities.

Fiery Soul (Ex): A Flame Disciple has bonded their soul closer to the Will of Fire through their continuous dedication and study, and in turn made their will stronger; the Flame Disciple is no longer susceptible to Intimidation or Fear-like effects. In addition, the Flame Disciple is now able to detect and pinpoint the exact location of any flame within 500ft; the Flame Disciple can view and hear things in view of any open flame and his vision is limited to 30ft.

Flame Manipulation (Sp): A Flame Disciple can create delicate shapes and walls made of fire as a standard action, or manipulate existing flames as a swift action, anywhere within 100ft+10 per level. The Fire is fully shapeable (you are even able to shape fine details, allowing you to shape weapons of fire), but cannot cover more than 10ft per level. Any creature passing through an area with fire in it suffers 1d8 of fire damage per level. A creature which is in an area that is being filled with fire initially is entitled to a Reflex Save (DC 10 + Charisma Modifier) to move to the nearest non-flaming square as an immediate action if it is within 5ft. These fires persist for 1 round per level or until the Flame Disciple dismisses them. Alternately, the Flame Disciple can replicate a wall of fire which persists for 1 minute per level. Flames created by this ability are put out if they receive cold damage equal to half the Flame Disciple's level+20 within one round.

Conflagration (Sp): As a Full Round Action, a Flame Disciple can erupt in an explosion of flames that covers 30ft in all directions from their person. All other targets in this area suffer a D10 of Fire Damage per level, but are entitled to a Reflex Save (DC 10 + Level + Charisma Modifier) for half damage.Creatures who fail this save must also make a Fortitude Save (same DC) or die instantly from the shock of the heat. This ability is usable a number of times per day equal to the Flame Disciple's CHA mod. In addition, a Flame Disciple can cast fire shield at will (Fire Shield only) on himself or another creature, but can only have Fire Shield active on himself and one other creature at a time.

Improved Ignite (Sp): The Flame Disciple's Ignite ability takes on the following changes: instead of 3D8, targets now take an initial 5D8 of fire damage. For failed saves, raise the damage by 2D8 instead of 1D8 per round, and Will Save DC becomes 10+LvL+CHA Mod

Blazing Aura (Ex): As a free action, a Flame Disciple can raise the temperature around him to extreme heats. While this ability is active, any creature that starts its turn within 10ft of the Flame Disciple takes 10 points of fire damage, and 20 of fire damage if within 5ft. This ability can be turned on or off at will, but the Flame Disciple cannot control who it effects.

Beacon (Sp): A Flame Disciple can create a magically permanent fire within 30ft+5ft per level, any size from a candle to a large bonfire as a standard action. He always knows exactly where each Beacon he has created is (Even if he is on another plane) and will know if it is put out by any means. This fire can only be put out by dispel magic, anti-magic field, disjunction, miracle, wish, or if the Flame Disciple dismisses it. The Flame Disciple may dismiss any Beacons he has created from any distance as a free action.

Firewalk (Sp): A Flame Disciple can transport as a swift action through any of their created Beacons if it is within 5ft, and can appear at another Beacon of their choosing. Flame Disciples may only transport themselves and any carried objects.

Bonds of Fire (Sp): As a standard action, a Flame Disciple can craft solid fire and entrap a victim in it. The bonds will immobilize a creature which fails a Reflex Save (DC 15 + Level + Charisma Modifier), and will entangle the creature unless it succeeds in its save by more than 5. A creature can attempt to escape by taking a Full round action to make a Strength or Escape Artist check with a DC greater than the Will save of the Flame Disciple (this will save is CHA based). If the victim fails this save by 5 or more, it becomes immobilized. The victim suffers 20 points of Fire Damage per round, and the bonds of fire last until the victim escapes or the Flame Disciple dismisses them. The target must be within 90ft to bind them, but moving out of this range once they are bound does not dismiss the bonds. You can bind a total number of creatures at one time equal to your CHA mod.

Fire Minions (Sp): As a Full Round Action, a Flame Disciple can summon a number of elder fire elementals equal to a max of his CHA mod per day. The Flame Disciple can summon these elementals anywhere he chooses within 25ft+5ft per level; these elementals take actions on the Flame Disciple's turn and can act as soon as they are summoned. These elementals will carry out the Flame Disciple's will, so he does not need to spend time controlling them, though he can control them mentally if needed. These elementals stay in existence until killed or dismissed by the Flame Disciple; even if the Flame Disciple is incapacitated, the elementals will continue his last order until they are killed. You can summon any number of elementals at one time, but it is still a full-round action no matter how many you summon. The Flame Disciple also gains Ignan as a bonus language.

Ascent of the Phoenix (Ex): A Flame Disciple has the ability to defy death and rise again like a phoenix. Once per week, when the Flame Disciple would be reduced to -10 HP or less, his body (including equipment) burst into intense white flames and turns into ash. This burst deals 5D12 of fire damage to any creatures within 5ft. After 3D4 hours, the Flame Disciple is able to reappear through any open flame; he is able to simultaneously see through all flames in existence within the plane he died on and choose where he appears.

Touch of the Sun (Sp): A Flame Disciple can call incredible levels of illumination that are as painful and destructive as the unmitigated baleful glare of the sun itself; as a Full-Round Action, the Flame Disciple can make his body shine like the sun. All darkness within 300ft is dispelled, natural and magical, and everything is illuminated. All undead suffer 15 points of damage per round while they are within range. All creatures specifically vulnerable to light suffer an additional 15 damage per round (thus, vampires suffer 30 damage per round). All creatures within range are Dazzled except for the Flame Disciple and creatures without sight. Creatures in range must pass an initial Fortitude save (DC 20 + 0.5 ½ Level + Charisma Modifier) plus an additional Fortitude save (DC 10 + 0.5 ½ Level + Charisma Modifier) every minute or become blind for the remainder of the effect. Increase this DC by 5 for creatures vulnerable to light. Creatures that are blinded when the effect ends are entitled to another Fortitude save to get their vision back, but if they fail this save the blinding is permanent. This effect lasts until 3D6 minutes + CHA Mod or until the Flame Disciple cancels the ability or is incapacitated, and is usable 3 times a day.

Breath of the Blue Serpent (Ex): As a standard action, a Flame Disciple can unleash a breath of blue fire in a cone of up to 40ft. It inflicts 20D6 of Fire Damage, with a reflex for half (DC 15 + Level + Charisma Modifier). Creatures who fail this save will take an additional 10D6 on its next turn with no save. This damage bypasses any fire resistance, damage reduction, hardness, or immunity and is usable every other round.

Sending (Sp): A Flame Disciple can communicate through any source of fire as the sending spell to any creature on any plane of existence with a standard action and receive a reply even if they are on different planes of existence.

Visions of Flame (Sp): A Flame Disciple can contact other plane to communicate with the denizens of the Elemental Plane of Fire. A Flame Disciple is in no danger of becoming insane or damaged by this experience. When using this ability, the Flame Disciple rolls his chance for an answer according to percentiles for contacting Outer Plane, greater deity.

Infernal Downpour (Sp): The Flame Disciple can open the skies and dump raw inferno upon all who would oppose him. These fires inflict 5D12 of Fire Damage +1 per level each round it is active, and victims are permitted a Reflex save (DC 25 + level + Charisma Modifier) for half damage. The Flame Disciple chooses which squares are struck with fire each round; he is able to strike any creatures within 500ft. This ability requires a Full-Round Action to activate, and requires a move action to focus on keeping the ability active during the following rounds; picking targets for the following rounds requires no action from the Flame Disciple. Not focusing on the ability ends it on the next round. This ability is usable twice per day, last a number of rounds equal to CHA Mod, and can be used even while inside buildings or structures to strike through the building.

Epic Flame Disciple[edit]

Table: The Epic Flame Disciple

Hit Die: D8

Level Special
21st Blessing of The Blue Serpent (Ex)
23rd Essence of Fire (Su)
25th Primal Form (Sp)
27th Hell’s Gates (Sp)
29th Gift of Kossuth (Ex)

7 + Int modifier skill points per level.

Blessing of The Blue Serpent (Ex) : The Flame Disciples flames have intensified to limits beyond mortal comprehension. Any flames created by the Flame Disciple are now a light blue (unless the Flame Disciple states otherwise), and gain the following benefits: all fire damage done by the Flame Disciple is raised by 1 Hit Die(abilities that deal D12s of damage initially do double damage); all of his fire damage bypasses all fire resistance, hardness, fire immunity, damage reduction, and spell resistance; additional damage cause by Will of Fire is now doubled; The Flame Disciple may now add double his CHA mod to his attack bonus when making any attacks with fire(this bonus does not stack with the CHA attack bonus from Will of Fire).

Essence of Fire (Su) : Through the Flame Disciple’s dedication and skill to the will of fire, he has gained the ability to literally become fire; this ability replaces Body of Fire. As a free action, the Flame Disciple may turn his very essence, body and soul, into fire. By doing this, he gains the following qualities in addition to his benefits from Body of Fire: he is now able to adjust the structure of his body between solid and pure flame, allowing the Flame Disciple to be treated as an incorporeal creature at will; gains flight of 100ft (good), spell resistance equal to current level + CHA mod, his bonus to CHA mod and intimidate are now increased to +8, and DR 15/- . While in this form, the Flame Disciple may choose what is burned by touching him and what isn’t. He may add 6D8 of fire damage to all melee attacks he does and against all melee attackers (this damage stacks with his Body of Flames ability, but is not increased in hit die by Blessing of the Blue Serpent); weapons attacking the Flame Disciple now also have a chance to be destroyed by his fire damage if they don't make the Reflex (DC 15+Cha Mod). While using this ability, the Flame Disciple cannot have his fire extinguished by normal means; this ability can only be dispelled by an antimagic field or similar effect (concentration may negate these effects). If his fire is put out, he simply reverts back to his physical body. In addition, when the Flame Disciple has this ability active, he receives an untyped bonus to all ACs equal to double his CHA mod(this bonus applies in all situations, even helpless, and stacks with the deflection bonus for incorporeal creatures). While in this form, the Flame Disciple is treated as being a fire subtype, and is subject to 1.5x cold damage received.

Primal Form (Sp) : The Flame Disciple is now able to take on the aspect of a Primal Fire Elemental as a move-action. While in this form, the Flame Disciple takes on all traits of the Primal Fire Elemental and retains his extraordinary abilities, but is unable to use his spell-like or supernatural abilities. The Flame Disciple may have this form active a number of minutes per day equal to his class levels, and may split the time as he sees fit. He may also summon Primal Fire Elementals as his Fire Minion ability; summoning Primals counts as summoning 2 Elder Fire Elementals.

Hell’s Gates (Sp) : The Flame Disciple is now able to banish his foes to the source of eternal fire; Hell itself. As a full-round action, the Flame Disciple may create a dimensional vortex gate to Hell anywhere within 10ft of himself; all creatures within 200ft that the Flame Disciple targets must make a will save 35+Cha Mod. Targets who fail this save are converted into incorporeal creatures and sucked into the portal; targets who make this save must continue to save every round the gate is open. For each creature sucked into the portal, the Flame Disciple will roll a D10 to determine which ring of Hell the creature has been sent to (re-roll 0s). For the following rounds that they are in Hell, the creature will take a number of D100x3 of fire damage based on which ring they are in (so if they are in the 3rd ring, they will take 9D100, and 5th ring will be 15D100) at the beginning of their turn; damage from this fire cannot be reduced in any way. Afterwards, the creature may take a Full-Round action to make a Will save (same as initial) to climb through a circle of Hell; for every ring of Hell the creature is under, increase the DC by 5. Successful Will saves allow the creature to climb to an upper ring of Hell; if the creature passes the will save by more than 5, it may climb an additional ring in that turn. Every failed save sinks the creature into a lower ring; if the creature fails the save by 5 or more, they sink down into an additional ring. This portal remains open for 5 rounds starting from the initial round: any creatures who escape the gate before it closes cannot be pulled in again for 24HRS and are shot out to a square 10ft in front the portal; creatures who are still in the gate when it closes are trapped in Hell for eternity, and cannot leave by any means. This portal can be opened a number of times per day equal to half the Flame Disciple’s CHA mod, and the Flame Disciple may only have one portal open at a time.

Gift of Kossuth (Ex): Through the Flame Disciples long devotion to the Will of Fire, the god of fire himself has given the Flame Disciple his blessing. As a full-round action, the Flame Disciple may call upon the power of Kossuth to obliterate those that would oppose him; this may be used on any target within 150ft as long as the Flame Disciple is aware of its existence (he does not need to have line of sight). Upon using this, a spectral, spiked, flaming gauntlet appears into existence, almost as if reaching from an invisible space. This gauntlet is actually the hand of Kossuth himself, and its size is adjusted appropriately to grab the intended target. There is no save from this, and no way to escape; this hand reaches through all walls, planes, barriers, and anything else that would try to prevent it, and may grasp any targeted being. The gauntlet then firmly grips its target; the target must make two saves. The first is a fortitude save (DC 85) which, if failed, causes the target to instantly die and have every trace of its existence incinerated with no way of revival; a successful save causes the target to take 50D6 of CON and STR damage. The second save is a will save (DC 85) which, if failed, causes the target’s mind and soul to be incinerated with no way of repair (in this manner, the target is still considered dead, but it’s body is still intact); a successful save causes the target to take 50D6 of WIS and INT damage. This ability can be used once a day without consequence; every time the Flame Disciple calls upon Kossuth more than once a day, he takes the risk of angering Kossuth by summoning him multiple times. Starting on the second use of the ability in one day, there is a 20% chance the Kossuth will become angered and take the Flame Disciple instead (dealing the effect of the ability) , increasing by 20% every use in the same day to a max of 80%.

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