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"Fireworks" is a general term used to describe a multitude of explosives, the most common of which is a rocket that explodes into a shower of brightly colored sparks. Fireworks are created with a mix of gunpowder and other alchemical ingredients that provide the color. They are mot often used in celebration or as a signal, but can be used as weapons (see below).

When fireworks are lit (a standard action), one or more rockets is shot from the base and propelled 50 feet into the air, exploding at the end of its move.

Fireworks create a loud bang and a bright flash of light when they explode; any creature within a 10 foot sphere of where the rocket (or rockets) explode must make a DC 13 reflex save, or be deafened for 1d4 rounds and dazzled for 1d6 rounds. Fireworks can be heard from further away with a successful Listen check (DC 1 per five foot square) or seen with a successful spot check (DC 10 +1 per five foot square).

Fireworks can also be used as improvised weaponry. When used in this way, the user instead turns the explosive device on its side and points it in the direction of his enemy. Upon impact, Fireworks deal 1d6 points of fire damage to anyone within a five foot sphere of where it explodes, in addition to the other effects mentioned above.

Fireworks usually have one shot, but some contain up to eighteen rapid-fire shots. When fireworks of this kind are used as a weapon, the user takes a cumulative -1 penalty on attack rolls per shot fired. This stacks with the normal improvised weapon penalties.

Fireworks cost 20 gp per available shot and weigh 1 lb per shot.

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