Fire Chains (4e Power)

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Fire Chains Warmage Attack 25
One of your Mystic Orbs is ripped apart from within by flowing molten metal, arcing to nearby enemies and dragging them to the ground with flaming chain links.
Daily Star.gif Arcane, Fire, Implement
Standard Action Area burst 5 within 15 squares
Target: Each creature in burst
Attack: Intelligence Vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d10 + Intelligence modifier fire damage and the target is restrained (save ends). If the target saves, the target is immobilized (save ends).
Effect: The burst creates a zone of difficult terrain that lasts until the end of your next turn. A creature that enters the zone or starts its turn there takes 1d10 fire damage and is immobilized (save ends).
Sustain Minor: When you sustain the power, repeat the attack against any creature that is not restrained or immobilized, and deal 1d10 fire damage to creatures that are restrained or immobilized.

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