Fierna's Guile (3.5e Invocation)

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Fierna's Guile

Lesser; 4th; Other

Fierna lulls and entices all those that come within her reach, bending their admiration and service to her. You have learned a shadow of her power.

This invocation creates a sense of euphoria in its targets. Once the target fails its saving throw, it falls under the effects of the spell. This euphoria causes the targets to want to avoid any aggressive or complex actions. The enchanted creatures react more positively toward the warlock. Their attitude shifts to the next more favorable reaction (hostile to unfriendly, unfriendly to indifferent, indifferent to friendly, or friendly to helpful). Creatures involved in combat, however, continue to fight back normally.

The invocation has range of Medium (100ft + 10ft/level), and targets all living mortal creatures in a 15ft. radius burst.

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