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Also known as "Ghostblooded", a Fetch can happen in one of three ways. One is if a person dies before their time and would rise as a ghost, but the process is somehow halted mid-rise, leaving the deceased in a half-ghostly state. Another is if a ghost would be brought back to life by magic, but that magic was flawed and only worked halfway. The third is to be born as the offspring of a human and a ghost. In any case a Fetch's existence is much like that of a ghost possessing its own corpse, and if she dies she is guaranteed to rise again as a full ghost.

Physical Description[edit]

Fetches appear mostly human, but with an eerie grace about them. Their movements are unearthly smooth, their skin pale, their eyes piercing and bright.


Fetches often take levels in classes that give them access to Inflict spells, since normal healing magic harms them.

Fetch Racial Traits[edit]

  • −2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, −4 Constitution, +2 Charisma
  • Humanoid (Human, Half-Undead)
  • Darkvision 60 ft
  • +2 to save vs disease and mind-affecting effects
  • No penalty from energy drain (can still die from too many negative levels)
  • Counts as undead for all subtype targeting
  • Harmed by positive energy, healed by negative energy
  • Size, Languages, Land Speed, Age, Height, and Weight as Humans

Detect Undead (Sp): Constant (only detects incorporeal undead)

Ghost Form (Su): A Fetch has the ability to separate her spirit from her body, gaining an incorporeal form. Using Ghost Form is a full round action during which her body falls prone and appears to die, while her ghost body appears standing where her physical body fell. While in Ghost Form, her physical body remains prone and unconscious and vulnerable to attack, but appears to all tests to be dead. Any wounds inflicted on her ghost body appear on her physical body and vice versa. Ghost Form may be used three times per day, for a total number of hours per day equal to her character level plus her Charisma modifier (must be spent in 1 hour increments). She may end Ghost Form as a swift action; it ends automatically if her ghost body becomes unconscious or if the duration expires. When Ghost Form ends, her spirit returns to her body wherever it is and she regains consciousness, though she is dazed for 1 round. Her Ghost Form keeps all of the Fetch's statistics with the following exceptions:

  • She is incorporeal, meaning she can pass through solid objects but cannot touch anything on the material plane. She keeps incorporeal copies of all of her gear, but they also cannot touch anything on the material plane unless noted below.
  • She is invisible by default, but may become visible with concentration.
  • She gains a +8 racial bonus to Perception and Stealth, but her perception of the material plane is limited to 60 feet in any direction.
  • She gains +4 to Charisma, but her Strength and Constitution scores become "-" (zero bonus). Her maximum hit points remain unchanged.
  • She loses all base movement speeds and instead gains a Fly speed of 30 ft with Perfect maneuverability, unless she already had a better fly speed in which case she keeps that.
  • She gains a Deflection bonus to AC equal to her Charisma modifier, but loses all Armor, Shield, or Natural Armor bonuses to AC other than those from Force effects or Ghost-Touch items.
  • She loses all attacks other than those from Magic Weapons (which do half damage) or Ghost-Touch weapons, and gains a Corrupting Touch attack which deals 1d6 damage plus 1d6 every 6 levels.
  • At level 6 and every 6 levels thereafter, she chooses an additional special attack from this page.

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