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Fertilizer is a clever farming chemical used to create sturdier, healthier crops. The best Fertilizer uses the nutrients in animal feces as food for the growing plants, and some uses other chemicals as add-ins for crops resistant to pests, or other useful mutations (DM's Discretion). No matter what goes in it, Fertilizer almost always smells bad.

For Adventurers, Fertilizer has more uses than just farming. Depending on what the job calls for, the characters can use it as an improvised poison, a covering for their scent, or even a makeshift bomb.

Fertilizer is also an effective food for ambulatory plants.


Feces are the byproduct of digestion from primary, secondary, and tertiary consumer species such as animals, humans, and in some cases, dragons and other fantastic beasts. Normally, this is just a sign that a creature is nearby, but it can be coated onto a weapon for a potent, disease-ridden venom.

Type: Injury DC 13
Initial Damage: 1d4 Con
Secondary Damage: the target must make a DC 12 fortitude save or contract Filth Fever.

Fertilizer Mask[edit]

With an effective disguise check (DC 12), a person who uses fertilizer in this way completely masks his scent, replacing it with the scent of Fertilizer. This is perfect for battles taking place on a farm, where the Adventurers can sneak up more easily.

Fertilizer Bombs[edit]

With a successful Craft (Alchemy) Check (DC 16), a pound of Fertilizer becomes an effective explosive. When it is detonated, all creatures in a 10-ft radius must make a DC 12 Reflex save, or take 1d10 points of fire damage.

Fertilizer comes in 10-pound bags and costs 20 gp.

Making Fertilizer requires a DC 20 Craft (Gardening) check or a DC 15 Craft (Alchemy) Check.

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