Feralmeld (3.5e Divinemeld)

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Divinemeld of animalistic deities

Prerequisite: Animal Domain.

You gain a natural weapon of your choice (two claws, bite or slam attack of any kind) that deals damage as a short sword of your size. You have a +1 to attack and damage rolls with this natural weapon. It's a primary weapon but you may use it as a secondary weapon with -5 to attacks.

You gain the wild empathy feature as a druid of your class level. You gain a +2 to any skill checks involving animals.

Essentia: You gain another +2 to skill checks involving animals per essentia point invested in this soulmeld.

Chakra bind (Divine Soul)

Your natural weapon damage increases to that of a longsword of your size. The enhancement to attack and damage rolls increases by one per essentia point invested in this soulmeld (up to a +5 bonus).

You gain the Multiattack feat for this natural weapon.

You may continuously speak with animals, as per the spell speak with animals, and all animals have a friendly starting attitude towards you.

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