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White Crescent moon on a black circle

Domains: Creation, Freedom, Moon
Warpriest Domain: Storm

Fenrir is the father of the Fenrirborn. He appears to Fenrirborn as a dire wolf and will often employ regular wolves to help fight his enemies. Fenrir represents death, creation, the moon and snow. Fenrir lives in the northern reaches of the world where the Fenrirborn make their homes. He can enter the world as Dire Fenrir, a pure white Dire wolf with blue eyes. He can influence the natural world and wolves to work against those who he deems a threat to all. He favors anyone who respects nature and does all they can to help the world. He opposes those who seek dominion over others, demons, those who harm nature and will strike down those who kill wolves without honoring their lives Fenrirborn and wolves worship Fenrir for his connection to them. He is loyal to nature and feuds against the Erlking. He opposes those who seek to force others to bend to others wills, harm nature and especially wolves, and demons. His laws are as follow:

  • You are your own soul, never let another control you and hold your own honor high
  • Honor all life, do not kill unnecessarily
  • Never consort with demons
  • Never kill a wolf in cold blood

Cleric Training[edit]

Clerics who worship Fenrir are few, those who do wear a scrap of wolf fur on their left shoulder. They never meet together in formal situations and treat each other will the same respect as everyone else


Fenrir will ask to capture those who break his commandments and send them to the void. He seeks those who will do good acts based on their own morals, but will send wolves to assist those who destroy those who oppose him.


Fenrir listens to anyone who helps wolfs. If one sees the Dire Fenrir, then they have an opportunity to talk with the god. Many times of this type of contact is in dreams.


Fenrir's Temple is in the heart of the Fenrirborn lands and is guarded fiercely. it is made of pure ice, and when the moon is full or overhead, then the entire temple reflects the light and mirrors the moon's light


Fenrirborn who come of age must kill a predator while in their wolf forms in order to first see the god. One who angers Fenrir must offer up the head of a demon to the god for forgiveness.

Heralds and Allies[edit]

Fenrir will come down as the Dire Fenrir to act as his own herald. His allies are any wolfs. He will periodically work with the Erlking and Lady of Sorrow, but the alliance is only temporary until their common enemy is destroyed.

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