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File:Wooly Rhino.JPG |thumb|450px|A charging male woolly rhinoceros.]]

     5th edition creature: woolly rhinoceros

Woolly rhinoceroses travel mostly alone, with the exception of mothers and calfs. These hairy, stocky creatures live on steppes and tundras, content living in some of the most northern and harsh climates. While only slightly larger than the more southern rhinoceros, a woolly rhinoceros is no less deserving of respect.

Unless provoked a woolly rhinoceros is content to spend their days within their herds, grazing on the tough grasses of the cold world they live in. Woolly rhinoceroses are very large herbaviours, that are not too different than mammoths.

On its snout a woolly rhinoceros has two horns, which they use to spar each other for dominance and females, or to dig for edible plants. When they are attacked or feel threatened they will use their horns to make gore attacks, and their size to trample their foes.

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