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     5th edition background: unknown

Your background is unknown to you because you suffered some trauma that has inflicted you with amnesia. You woke one day, not knowing who you are or how you got here. Your origin and family are a mystery to you. You are not sure if you have allies or enemies from your past. If you have skills beyond what your class training details, you struggle to recall them.

You start with a clue about your history. Maybe your clue was that gripped in your hand was a locket, in which is a portrait of a young lady or man. Maybe your clue was that you woke shut in a sea trunk, washed up on the beach. Working with your clue, you learn new things about your background. Each time you meet a new NPC or visit a new location, you can decide that they feel familiar. This place or person is somehow related to your life leading up to the trauma that caused your amnesia. This will not divulge much information, but will provide some further clue.

You are a character who is compelled to find out more about your past. It could be that you are aloof and dislike being with riff raff. It could be that you find yourself staring into mirrors for long periods of time, wondering who you are. Working through your bonds and story line, you will reach a point where you are confident enough about your past to grant you new skills, use of new tools or by being able to comprehend new languages. Even, you will find a feature from your past which you are able to use.

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