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File:The Black Knight by Lars Grant-West.jpg |75px|thumb|A spider rider's mount]]

     Revised 3rd edition prestige class: spider rider

Masters of mounted combat, spider riders are the favored servants of Lolth and Arachne. Spiders are sacred. A bond with a spider is the ultimate gift - such is the teaching of the spider riders. Both Lolth and Arachne gift their greatest followers with spider-bonds. A follower is given a monstrous spider egg, and when it hatches, the new spider rider is bonded mentally, physically and spiritually to their spider. But the spider riders are divided: half of them worship Lolth, the other half Lolth’s sister - Arachne. This results in a war, a war that will last until one side is destroyed utterly: the War of the Spider Queens.

Spider riders rarely stop thinking about spiders in some way (even if it is just a corner of the mind considering some spider theory), and they often weave spider-knowledge into conversations simply because they can’t help it! They simply love spiders with their hearts, minds and souls, and can’t imagine others not doing the same to some degree.

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