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Typical (underdressed) sobruaro woman by Varkarrus.

     5th edition race: sobruaro

Sobruaros are tall, humanoid cacti. They have disproportionately long arms and legs, thick forearms and shins, but no visible wrists or feet (although they do have short, thick toes). Thorned vines that grow from their head act as hair. As a form of cacti, lots and lots of thin needles cover their body. The majority of female sobruaros can grow a flower on the vines of their head, but many are incapable of doing so while there are several men who can. These flowers are simply an aesthetic choice, and can be harmlessly shaven off or styled. Men are not disrespected in sobruaro culture for choosing to grow a flower, but the flower does embody what sobruaros consider feminine traits. Despite their plant-like appearance sobruaro's juices are very reminiscent of human blood, though it's diluted with water, as opposed to cactus juices.

A long time ago, a wizard wandered a desert, cursed to never be able to leave it. Even when she saw civilizations in the distance, she would always get turned around by dust storms, migrating herds, burning hot sand, and the like. Before long, out of a sheer desire to survive, she transformed into a cactus. Rumors grew over the years of travelers exploring the desert and finding human-faced cacti. It took many years, but eventually, a small number of human-faced cacti "awoke", transforming into Sobruaro.

Sobruaro culture is very jolly and lackadaisical. Sobruaros are largely pacifistic towards other cultures, they embrace outsiders and they rarely have to worry about their survival. Soburaros have a golden rule: "no one can have more than they need if even a single person has less than they need." This rule is upheld across every sobruaro community, from their smallest villages to their largest cities. Sobruaros are led by what they consider the royal bloodline. They are believed to be direct reincarnations of the cursed wizard as opposed to mundane sobruaros who carry small pieces of her.

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